Creating A Future Society

laitman_229Question: Humanity needs an example of a peaceful existence according to a higher law. The great Kabbalist Baal HaSulam wrote about the possibility of providing an example through the creation of a kind of mini-society of the future somewhere, the perfect generation living according to the principles of unity and love. Why are we not doing this? Could it be that Baal HaSulam was writing this for people who are already in spirituality?

Answer: That indeed answers the question. We are not doing this because creating a future society requires a certain number of people who have attained the spiritual world.

Guiding the new society correctly requires a mighty handful of serious people who already are in the sensation of spirituality and know and understand the higher system, because only then will they interact in the right way and manage all of those under them who have not yet attained the revelation of spirituality.

Until entering the sensation of the upper world, it is impossible to fulfill the mission of the last generation. So, it is up to us to approach this in our conditions. It is impossible to create a generation like this artificially, without people who compose the spiritual skeleton. If, among the thousands of my students, there were at least two hundred people who attained the spiritual world, then it would be possible to think about creating a spiritual mini-nation.

When I was in Canada, I heard about a group of Hasidim numbering two hundred families who traveled far to the North, bought land there, and live there with their entire community, raising cattle, growing vegetables, bringing up their children, and praying, and it works well for them.

But we, the students of the wisdom of Kabbalah, have a different goal. The work against the ego is constant and difficult. To do this, it is necessary for there to be a critical mass of corrected people.

Question: For them it is easy, but for us it would not be easy. For example, in a movie, the hero is determined by being placed in a dramatic situation. Otherwise, he doesn’t emerge.

Answer: The dramatic situation for us is absolutely different than in an egoistic film. In a film, you overcome the ego of a stranger, suppressing it through your ego. Even when you suppress your own ego, you are suppressing your current ego. So, in any case, this is an egoistic gain.

Question: However, the conditions are very similar there. It only happens in a dramatic situation, only when you are at a dead end. It doesn’t happen in any other situation.

Answer: This is a dead end that you are leaving because you are going for broke, even to the death, because you are expecting a reward after death. Your ego wins anyway.

In contrast to this, in a society of students of Kabbalah, it is the opposite. It is up to you to suppress your ego, to destroy it, to eradicate it so that it will not exist at all. The state of the impasse occurs only for a moment. Then we work above the ego when you constantly ascend above it, in opposition to it.

Question: Why not create an artificial dramatic situation of joint life and shared work in which it would be necessary to advance, to ascend to work above the ego?

Answer: Baal HaSulam dreamed about this, and I spoke about this many times with Rabash. From what I understood in his time and from what I see today, a critical mass of people standing on a serious spiritual base is what is required.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/15/16

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