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laitman_293Question: Why have all the old values been devalued and the world been turned upside down?

Answer: The world had to change, and it began in the early 19th century. In the 20th century, its transformation came in fulll force, and we have reached the point where almost everyone in the world notices it.

The change takes place naturally as part of our evolution, the general development of mankind, and was embedded in nature from the start. Kabbalists foresaw this change more than a thousand years ago and indicated the end of the 20th century as a turning point in which man’s attitude toward humanity, the world, and the wisdom of Kabbalah would change. Kabbalists said that at this point man would undergo a special transformation.

As a result, it will start understanding the need for the general formula of the development of nature in order to master the situation, not to lose control, and to develop into something that cannot be foreseen or predicted. Today, we are in this state. And the wisdom of Kabbalah is intended to help us to manage this situation correctly and teaches us how to lead this process.

Kabbalists understood the clear evolutionary formula of nature and humanity, and thus had no problem predicting what would happen and when. You don’t need to be a medium or a magician for that.

I began to notice the changes in the world in the middle of the 1970’s and have been seriously engaged in the wisdom of Kabbalah since then. I see how it actually helps understand everything that is happening.

There is nothing mystical or scary about it. On the contrary, we live in a very interesting era in which we are undergoing a change that totally negates everything of the past. This takes place in accordance with the law of negating the negation in which the previous level must die and the new level is built on top of it. This is the way it always has been through all of the stages of human development. Thus, feudalism replaced slavery, capitalism replaced feudalism, and so forth.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/13/15

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