New Life 631 – Israel Is The Strongest Country In The World

New Life 631 – Israel Is The Strongest Country In The World
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Yael Leshed-Harel

How do you define a strong country? What determines its stability, and under what conditions can Israel become the strongest country in the world?

Time, just like an internal engine, develops the human race. In the 21st century, we have become dependent on one another. It is impossible to know what will happen the next moment. Whoever is strong today may be weak tomorrow. Uncertainty rules every aspect of life.

Russia has grown weaker. Europe thought about unity and today everything is falling apart there. The world is constantly changing. Any connection between countries doesn’t hold for long. And this is also true on the individual level where families break up, etc.

A person doesn’t care about anything. He is full of doubts and absorbed in his cell phone. If a person were given a couple of thousands of dollars in order to manage abroad, many would leave this place.

In this chaos it is very difficult to say which country is strong, not to speak of stability. Israel today is very weak since there are many factors that can instantly undermine our stability. But we can make this country the strongest in the world if we learn to use our special force. Our world is operated by a network of forces and only we Jews have the power to affect this network.

It depends on whether we connect and become as one man in one heart. This is how strength can be measured. No other country but Israel can be strong. All the countries in the world depend on us. If we connect, we will ensure our safety, since we will thus oblige everyone to connect to us willingly. Only Israel has freewill. The rest of the world depends on the quality of the connection between us Israelis.

Being connected means being responsible for one another, like brothers in a good family. The good relations between us will lead to the equivalence of form with the system of leadership and providence in nature. Nature is made of the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature and man, all connected into one system, like parts of one body. Today we discover that the world is globally connected, that everyone affects everyone else, and that everyone depends on everyone else. Building the good mutual connection between us makes us compatible with the network of the leadership of reality, and then we gain the protective force.

The nations of the world feel that the key to the future of the world is in our hands and so they blame us for everything. In the past, a nation that had nuclear weapons was considered to be strong, but today it is less meaningful since many countries have nuclear weapons. Israel will become the strongest country in the world when we become compatible with the upper force that sustains all of nature.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explores the system of Providence and the exact laws it operates by. From where does someone get the thought of getting up and attacking? It comes from the upper system. Only we have the possibility to control the thoughts and desires that will awaken in all of humanity through this network.

What will a strong Israel be like? It will be a country that knows only one thing: that we must be connected in a good way. Then no terrorists will rise against us and all the countries in the world will like and support us in every way.
From KabTV’s “New Life 631 – Israel Is The Strongest Country In The World,” 10/8/15

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