A Swiss Paradise

Laitman_414Question: The Swiss government is about to vote on monthly payments to the citizens of the nation in the sum of 2,500 Swiss Francs, which is about 2,500 Euros. If the proposal is approved, Switzerland will be the first nation in the world to provide its citizens with a monthly income without any conditions. Furthermore, there is an intention to allocate 625 Francs to every child.

This nation has the opportunity to ensure the well-being of its citizenry. Now they can work, not work, or work less. Is this a good decision?

Answer: The decision is good when everyone without exception has an identical income, and everyone will work according to their ability without concern about their position, investing maximally in the development of the society and nation. For example,it is possible to work, let’s say, for half an hour in the morning in their workplace if they are not needed there anymore, and then they can volunteer somewhere for another two hours. The idea is not about how to occupy a person but his aspiration to give what he can to society.

After instituting monthly payments, the Swiss will not have such aspirations like. They will profit from banking securities and interest. Their banks have accumulated a fortune since the days of the Second World War and all of those investments have never been opened or returned to anyone. The nation became fabulously wealthy and that is how it has existed, in the best image in the world of egoistic existence.

Comment: But nevertheless they will distribute money to their residents; they are concerned about the welfare of the citizens.

Answer: I cannot say that this is bad, but in our world today such a situation in a nation like Switzerland cannot be used as an example because they have something to distribute whereas others don’t. So there is nothing to talk about; we must strive for all people on the face of the Earth to have the same normal level of well-being. and to educate people so that every person in the world will understand that he must give maximally to society.

Question: Nevertheless, everyone has different needs. What does equal to the level needed mean?

Answer: There are no different levels of needs. Suppose that they chose a standard of 2,500 Francs in Switzerland, making it possible for a person to be engaged in a normal and relaxed manner with home economics, himself, his family, children, and so forth. But along with this, the main thing is what he gives to society. The main thing is not just to receive minimally but to give maximally as well.

Comment: But one can be involved with giving for 12-14 hours per day; they would have no energy after that.

Answer: Everything depends on education. Each one will want to give maximally because when he is paid for maximal giving, he will feel his connection with eternity, with wholeness. Then the world will truly become different.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 2/2/16

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