How To Keep The Family Together

laitman_603Question: 88% of women claim that boredom and the routine of life sabotage married life and cause the disintegration of the family unit. But now psychologists from Canada determined that it is completely the opposite. It is specifically the routine, boredom, and quiet at home that help to protect and support the family unit.

They believe that the guarantee for familial happiness is not really wild passions with breaking plates and pans flying in the air, but rather sitting quietly at home next to the computer with a cup of tea and a good movie. This is what brings people together more than anything.

Answer: Children depend on the education and the example they get from their parents and see what a family should be. The parents should be aimed at creating the right family atmosphere for the children. Even when they quarrel with each other, they still work together. Of course this passes before the children’s eyes.  Therefore, the parents should cancel themselves for the sake of preserving the family connection.

Since everything comes from our spiritual source, there is great importance to maintaining the nuclear family at all costs, and we need to preserve and develop it. In order that the children will absorb this, it is worthwhile for them to grow up with two parents while maintaining order in the family organization. The current outbreaks of egoism, the technical and technological developments, don’t need to interfere with the strength of familial relationships.

The media present incorrect information and impose upon society incorrect examples of human behavior and create great harm with this. The society must uproot this problem since we are killing the foundation of humanity this way.

Freedom of choice is irrelevant to the development of life and the continuity of the generations. In this, there is no freedom of choice. We need to differentiate between the natural, familial lifestyle and the attitude toward spirituality where freedom is internal and in no manner touches upon the undisputed framework called the family. Otherwise, humanity will cease to exist.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/4/16

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