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laitman_627_1Comment: A few years ago, the Kami-Shirataki railway station in Hokkaido, Japan was closed because there weren’t enough passengers. But it turned out that there was one passenger in that town, a high school student, who took the train to school every day. So, the railway company kept the station open, stopping to pick her up and drop her off after school according to her class schedule.  The railway management will close the station in March, 2016 when the student concludes her studies.

Answer: On the one hand, when you ignore your mind and listen only to your emotions, you can be moved to tears about this story and make a movie about it. It is good for humanity to feel such concern for one another.

On the other hand, if you think about it, there are people who are hungry and who lack the basic necessities. It is expensive to operate the train back and forth from that town and probably costs several thousand dollars a day. It is totally useless and uneconomical, and a state shouldn’t be run this way. This is an obvious PR campaign, and what it is more, it is not good public relations because there are other issues that could be identified and fixed.

This action doesn’t make sense from a Kabbalistic perspective because it doesn’t change anything in the world. People don’t undergo correction this way. The world undergoes correction only by the right connection and unity of minds and feelings. There is no mind here, only emotions.

I don’t know what led them to make this decision. Perhaps it is indeed pure Japanese philosophy, but nothing more than that. If I had the chance, I would stop this pointless operation of the train immediately, provide another solution, and aim all of the means to dealing with other problems.

Let’s wish this girl good luck. It’s nice to think that there still can be actions that are seemingly out of absolute love.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/11/16

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