Creating A Third Civilization

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Was the Maccabean rebellion the last spark before the waning of the first Jewish civilization?

Answer: The Maccabean rebellion was indeed an outburst before the waning of the Jewish civilization, not of the days of the First Temple, but of the second, during the days of the Second Temple. Now we are nearing the third civilization,

Today there is no Jewish civilization and we need to restore and rebuild it because this is what the world strongly demands. The first two civilizations were the foundations of the third civilization, which should include the whole world.

This may sound like the slogans of the Islamic movements that want to swallow the whole world, but in Judaism it is about ideological unity. There is one Jewish civilization that undergoes three phases, and we can understand that by studying the wisdom of Kabbalah. All three phases reveal the building of the Temples, including the third future Temple we have to build, not in the form of a grandiose structure in Jerusalem but by uniting the hearts of all of humanity. It isn’t about an ideological conquest and enslavement but about freedom and overcoming the enslavement of our ego.

This will bring all of humanity to the right mutual integral communication, and life will be felt as one body in which all the organs and cells are connected and function in the best possible way. This life is called eternal life and all of humanity should reach that because it actually makes up all the parts of this body.

The wisdom of Kabbalah emphasizes that we can reach this through crises that will push us to change, like the Islamic civilization that is wakening now that will demand the world’s submission by the sword in the name of Allah, or we could implement the good mutual connection between us instead of using weapons and coercion. Worshipping an upper entity, the idea of an upper force, is crucial for this cause but not in the way we know it. Bowing to the East, in the direction of Mecca will not change anything. We should rather bow to the unity of our hearts.

The Muslim Allah symbolizes the force of unity, the only force that operates in the world, and this is also how all of humanity should operate. This is the reason that Islam is awakening now, and it will provoke and enrage the whole world. The world will not discover the current Judaism by resisting Islam but the wisdom of Kabbalah, which will explain to the world the rule of “love thy friend as thyself,” which is the right global communication law for all mankind. Life by this rule will have to take over the whole world.

Neither the sword or the green and black flag, the nice symbols of the Islamic flag, nor the Star of David are the answer, but only the correct and good relations between people. If the integral connection in humanity is restored and becomes the general collective force, people will unite and attain the Creator between them.

Not only the wisdom of Kabbalah aims at the unity of mankind, but also Sufism, the internal wisdom of Islam. When humanity acts in a way that matches the upper force it will begin to feel that it merges with it and the corporeal world, that the wisdom of Kabbalah calls the virtual world, will gradually disappear from our senses and we will reach the third civilization.

Our true existence is only in the world of the upper forces. If you want to attain, sense, and find it, I invite you to become acquainted with the wisdom of Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 12/16/15

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