The Disastrous Trajectory Of Civilization

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (David Dubrovsky, Ph.D., Chief scientist at the Cognition Theory Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Philosophy, co-chairman of the Russian Academy of Science Scientific Council for the Methodology of Artificial Intelligence): “The constant worsening of the ecological crisis and other global problems shows that our consumer society is approaching a dead end. Many people are talking and writing about this. But no decisive actions can be seen.

“In order to change the perilous trajectory of the development of the world’s civilization, we must change mainstream consciousness.

“The concept of human nature expresses a complex of stable qualities of the social individual, which are reproduced in all eras and among all peoples, which shows that they are conditioned by our biological nature.

“The main issue is how to change the negative qualities of human nature: unbridled consumerism, aggression towards one’s fellow human beings, excessive egotistical strivings. The source of our global problems reside in these things.

“We do not have a definite answer. There are probably only two possible options:

  • We must either change man’s biological nature by reconstructing the genome, to change the human psyche and vital functions;
  • or take the path of transferring the mind and personality of an individual to a non-biological cybernetic system, i.e., by anthropo-technological transformations, which is the path of evolutionary transhumanism.”

My Comment: The scientist thinks correctly in his own right. After all, a human cannot change his nature himself; this is possible only by attracting the same force that created him. But this power is not found in our genome. We can reprogram human actions not for oneself but for others, to consider others rather than oneself in all occasions. But it would be a robot (angel). Now, we are these robots (angels) acting in everything only for ourselves.

But the goal of our development is to bring us to a state where we become the masters of the two forces, bestowal and reception, and using them for the benefit of society, we become like the Creator. This change can be made only by attracting to ourselves the concealed (non-existent in us) the force of the Upper Light, the properties of complete bestowal. This is the essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah, its method.

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  1. Everything in this world is change. You just have to awaken the right feelings in Man. Then everything will fall into place. The world needs this more now then ever. People can be shown through feeling. Everyone knows the alternative and they are absolutely terrified of it. Show them the gentle and the small. Baby steps. What else is there to say?

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