Model Of Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanTwo hundred and fifty men saw how the ball of fire that became the inflamed body of Korach, rolled toward the abyss and disappeared in the depths of the earth.

As soon as all the sinners and that belongs to them were swallowed in the abyss, the two ends of the abyss immediately closed. The surface of the earth became smooth, as before, without any cracks (Midrash Raba).

On the spiritual path, the Upper Light bestows upon us, and each time we move forward, we find out that part of our desires are opposite to it. First it seemed to us as if they all were similar to the Light.

Then the Upper Light continues to influence us, and again we make some clarification, sampling, and progressing forward with better desires. And suddenly inside the Light, again it is revealed that some of them are not ready for connection; they are opposite to it.

Everything depends on the intensiveness of the Light. For example: before us stands a clean table, but if we bring a large flashlight and shine it on the table, maybe with the help of some special rays of light, we will see that there is a lot of dirt and debris on it that are not visible to the eye.

That is, each time we are rising, we see what previously seemed suited for use to us in our inner qualities is now revealed as an enemy, as egoism. This sorting takes place in each degree.

The Torah tells about the sequence of the detection of egoistic desires, about a constant model of how the desires go through correction and are now identified as the opposite: some of them are put to death; others go forward.

In the next degree it happens again, and it continues like that until only what is called the stony heart (Lev HaEven) is left, which is corrected only at the highest degree.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 5/20/15

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