The Secret Of Life Discovered By Adam

laitman_744Question: We usually celebrate our birthday and that of our relatives. What is the meaning of celebrating Rosh Hashanah, which is the birthday of a person who lived thousands of years ago?

Answer: We celebrate the anniversary of the day that the opportunity to discover the secret of life, the purpose of our life, and the meaning of life, which makes it worth living, was first revealed to mankind.

These questions about the meaning of life awaken in many people today. Adam HaRishon (First Man) was the first to discover this secret. He explored it and found out that we are living in this world in a special reality so that we will ascend from it to an upper level, to a whole and eternal existence.

We can actually attain this existence right now and don’t have to die in order to do so. Death itself doesn’t provide us with the right to enter the upper world. If it were so, why would it be worthwhile to do anything in this life?

People think that by living without the revelation of the upper world they will be able to enter it after they die. So what do we need this world for?

Many don’t even believe that there is anything else other than this corporeal world. This is exactly the secret that Adam discovered. And this is the event that we celebrate when the Jewish new year begins.

It is because we discover that we have nowhere to advance to since this world is only a passageway, a corridor, through which we can arrive at the revelation of the Creator (Bore), which means to come and see (Bo – Re).

Question: Will this happen after we die?

Answer: It will not happen after the death of our body, but after the death of our ego. It says “you shall see your world in your lifetime.” So please see it while you are alive!

Adam discovered that anyone who wants to has the opportunity to discover the upper world, that is, the next level according to the order of our evolution, here and now in this world.
From the Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 9/6/15

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  1. Can i ask something? Honestly, do i want to discover the upper world?

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