Advancing Towards A Miracle

laitman_276_02The Torah, “Exodus,” 33:4: [When] the people heard this bad news, they mourned, and no one put on his finery.

Advancing in spirituality means advancing in absolute darkness, but the moment a person abandons his ego, the darkness immediately turns into light, and if he sinks into his ego again he immediately finds himself in darkness.

The darkness is immediately felt in all our feelings, definitions and directions as helplessness, as lack of control and lack of a goal. But this is actually how we can reach the attribute of bestowal.

It is clear that we don’t feel the attribute of bestowal now; we cannot imagine where it comes from and how a person attains it. It seems that we simply change one attribute to another, although this isn’t the case at all. How can a person who is immersed in his ego want an attribute that is opposite from his original nature? This is the main problem, which no one understands.

How can I want the attribute of love and bestowal when I am in the opposite attributes? Even if I want them, it will still be with the intention of in order to receive. So advancing towards the goal without the Creator is in darkness, and this is actually what I need so that I will look for a way of turning the darkness into light.

This state already exists in me, but how can I feel everything that is opposite from my ego as Light? How can I change and transform myself? How can I reach the attribute of bestowal if we cannot demand it to begin with because everything we demand is for ourselves?

I am faced with an impossible mission, which is to find the point that is impossible to identify, feel, and understand in advance, because if I understand, it means that I am not in the egoistic attribute anymore!

Therefore, I yearn for it only thanks to my point in the heart, but even this yearning is egoistic because it is dominated by my egoistic desires.

This is the mystery of the cooperation between the Creator (the Light) and us. When it operates, we turn to Him through an obstacle that cannot be penetrated.

There is a very interesting passage between these two levels that we don’t know and cannot find. But if we keep advancing towards the goal by using the means we have, it is gradually revealed to us. The means to advance include working with the group, the desire to draw the Light that Reforms, and yearning to connect. These means gradually help us discern a certain direction, but it still remains secret.

We see that today very few think that it is possible to change our nature. Those who understand anything about human nature realize that it is impossible to change it.

Therefore this process is called the miracle of the exodus from Egypt, when a person understands that he cannot change himself and at the same time is already strongly connected to the Creator. By his actions he realizes that only the Creator can do it. The moment he reaches a point of detachment between the Creator and him, the Creator corrects everything.

We can turn our spiritual advancement to joy only if we acknowledge the importance of the goal that a person receives from the right environment. It is impossible to attain it without mutual support, without mutual guarantee.

Materialistic psychology tells us how we can calm a person down and how we can help him overcome depression, while our method teaches how to ascend to joy. If you are depressed, you cannot make even one step. A person has to turn all the dark states into Light, since otherwise he will not be able to overcome them.

The Torah tells us about clear states that we undergo and thus change our original nature by the help of the Light that Reforms.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/16/13

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