World Conflicts And Their Solution, Part 4 – Seeing The True World

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: The present wars are removing “superfluous mouths,” and if this doesn’t happen, the population of the Earth will steadily grow.

Answer: There is not a problem in feeding these mouths. If everyone would comfortably begin to engage with spiritual development, then there won’t be “superfluous mouths.” There is a place for everyone under the sun! Moreover, each is desired. It all depends on the relationships between people.

In this case, no one will bother anyone, as if there weren’t anyone near me, because each one will be within himself and simultaneously in mutual agreement and understanding with others and with the Creator. And after that our world will totally disappear, now it is simply portrayed for us through our sensations, but the moment that we begin to elevate our feelings to the last level, to the degree of the elevation, this world will begin to gradually disappear; that is how this works.

Today physicists and psychologists are confirming what the wisdom of Kabbalah spoke about 5,000 years ago. Our world is a holographic image; it exists only in our sensations, in relation to us. In itself it is not like this, but that is how we perceive it. In itself, it is nothing, and it doesn’t exist. Forces exist that portray various pictures in us, like on a television screen. But these pictures that appear in relation to us and in front of us are simply forces. To perceive them, we have our own internal screen. And now instead of this screen it is necessary to create a new screen, and to see the true world on it.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 6/3/15

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