Where Is The World Headed?

laitman_254_01Question: You used to write more posts about the actual wisdom of Kabbalah and now it is as if everything is about Israel and the Jews. Aren’t you a Kabbalist anymore?

Answer: I engage in the advancement of the world towards the goal of its development, which is the ascent (transition) to the next level, to the spiritual level. The wisdom of Kabbalah is the study of this transition. But it is a process that happens to humanity gradually over 6,000 years, since the discoverer of this phenomenon, first man (Adam). In our world the transition is realized in a group of people.

They differ from others since the question about the meaning of life is burning in them, as Baal HaSulam tells us in the “Introduction to The Study of the Ten Sefirot,” Item 2. Abraham was the first to gather and organize this group, and called it the people of Israel.

This is not a biological nation that developed from their common biological ancestors, but an ideological nation, i.e., descendants of people belonging to different nations living in Babylon 1,500 years BC who understood the call of Abraham, that through connection and unity, despite mutual rejection, and revealing the upper force (“taste and see that the Lord is good”), the meaning of existence is attained.

The fulfillment of this goal is the reason for the existence of the Jews, although they have forgotten about it for 2,000 years now. But this is the only reason they exist: in order to show themselves and all the other nations the attainment of the goal: revelation of the Creator. The fate of the Jews depends on the successful illustration of how to attain the higher existence (being the Light unto the nations).

The nations of the world expect this of the Jews subconsciously, and when this mission isn’t fulfilled, it evokes hatred towards the Jews and a feeling that the Jews are hiding something from them. Today we are in a special point in human evolution: it has reached global egoistic dependence.

There are two ways we can advance from this point: either by a world war or by correcting the global dependence into positive global connection. If the Jews choose the path of unity and teach the nations of the world how to fulfill it, the world will reach the next level of its development rapidly and safely. This is the only thing I engage in.

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