Where Is Our Freedom Of Choice Hidden

Laitman_167Question: Do we have freedom of choice?

Answer: Every person who feels a need for freedom of choice can attain it. And with the Jews, as the carriers of two lines, this need is always always there because they initially received it in ancient Babylon.

Even today every person who feels the imperative of freedom of choice can join the method of Abraham as followers joined him in his time, left ancient Babylon, and received guidance from him about the correct spiritual development. In our time anyone can join in studying Kabbalah because it speaks about souls and about how to develop them.

Entry into Judaism is very simple: someone who wants to, please; nationality doesn’t matter. Jews don’t judge other people according to their nationality because they themselves don’t have one. The only criterion is self-development with the help of the method of ascending and connecting all for the sake of mutual love. And all humanity can join in this without any limitation.

Comment: According to your words, the process of conversion is very simple.

Answer: Was there some process of conversion for ancient peoples? When a foreigner came to Hillel the Elder and asked him, “What is your Torah, Judaism?” Hillel the Elder answered him: “What is hateful to you, don’t do to your friend.” That’s it; it’s not necessary to say anything more!

Question: What is the freedom of choice of the Jews?

Answer: The choice is only to be linked and connected between them in spite of their ego, and to create the characteristic of bestowal and love within them. All of those who are involved with this are called Jews, they rise above the ego and unite to bring a positive force into the world. If a person has this imperative, this is a sign that hidden within him is a spiritual gene. And so he is absolutely equal to the Jewish people regarding the question of freedom of choice.

Question: Does this mean he can pass this gene on to his children?

Answer: This doesn’t pass as an inheritance, but is the result of education. Someone is called a Jew not because he is born to a Jewish mother as everyone is accustomed to think, rather someone who prepares himself for a transition (Ever) from the egoistic paradigm to the altruistic.

Comment: But most of the current Jewish people have no idea about this..

Answer: They have an inner inclination which is called a Reshimo (Remembrance), an informational record about this, that they can develop the spiritual gene that has been in them from the start since the days of Abraham. Every person who joins the Jewish people searching for love of others and ready to engage in this method, conveys to his progeny the same spiritual inclination.
From KabTV’s “About Our Life” 6/04/15

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