The Center Of The World – The Center Of Thought

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Your academy is called an “International Academy” and it seems this is not in vain. Together with this, as a Kabbalist do you suppose that you must live only in Israel?

Answer: From this perspective, Israel is the central point of the world. First and foremost it is necessary to establish a harmonious society here, built on the correct mutual relationships between people.

The moment that we begin to do this, even to a small extent, the attitude of the nations of the world towards us will immediately begin to change. This is because our influence on them doesn’t work through their awareness but through a common management system.

Comment: You suppose that the center of thought must specifically be there, where the nation of Israel is found, and after that it is necessary to spread from there throughout the world. But this could become a source of a negative attitude towards you from the rest of the entire world.

Answer: Why? Tell the whole world that you are building a new society to show everyone how it is necessary to exist, and suddenly you will see how everyone understands you.

Comment: But some individual Babylonians won’t understand this and will say that this is their land.

Answer: They will be changed immediately! There is no connection to the Arabs here at all. They are simply a toy to put pressure on us until we truly understand what we must do. Everything depends upon us!

The nations of the world have no freedom of choice; rather it is only with us! For there has already been a time when we rose above the egoistic level and we existed within two forces, an egoistic (receptive) force and an altruistic (bestowing) force. Today we need to balance the egoism through altruism and create a society of harmony. The moment that we begin to do this, the nations of the world will change their attitude towards us.

Throughout human history many thinkers and philosophers from different cultures have spoken about this, but they didn’t have the tools to do this. Whereas we have these tools, which are the wisdom of Kabbalah and the inner spiritual gene (Reshimo) that is latent within us.
From  KabTV’s “A Special Opinion” 8/17/14

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