Uniting The Nation Is An Accumulative Process

laitman_570Rav Kook says: “if we are annihilated the world will also be destroyed with us because of unfounded hate; but if we are rebuilt, the world will also be rebuilt with us thanks to selfless love.”

However, on its own, the nation is not going anywhere; it cannot disappear without a trace. Everything depends on the amount of sufferings that we will have to go through in order to understand that we are doing everything wrong.

Question: What else do we need in order to understand things as a nation? I am in contact with many people and I see that people who hear this from you over and over again don’t understand how close we are to another tragedy.

Answer: That’s the way it has always been. In order to change this trend we have to prepare the nation for unity and to try to present it to the nation as a tasty dish with different spices and sauces. So people will at least understand a little about where it all stems from and will begin to participate in different unity events.

So far it seems all such efforts are in vain. In fact it is an accumulative effort during which the internal potential in the people who come, participate, and leave grows as if nothing at all happened. But on the other hand, when nature pressures them and they find themselves in some threatening situation, everything that has sunk in will play an important role and help us unite.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/14/15

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