A New Reality

laitman_738Opinion (Dr. A. Dmitriev): “New and rapid reformations of the biosphere and the climate mechanism are happening on the background of physical and geophysical changes on our Earth and major transformational changes in the state of the solar system in general.

  • “The polarity of the geomagnetic field is changing. The North Pole is switching with the South Pole and vice versa.
  • We are left without protection against the rapid processes of the climate mechanism.
  • Natural disasters are happening; this is a reorganization of our climate and biosphere. On the other side of these disasters, a new reality is found.
  • The behavior and state of human beings are absolutely connected with the behavior and state of the environment that surrounds us, nature.
  • More and more, and in particular beyond the active destruction and rifts, ‘atmospheric rifts’ are observed, the Northern Lights above Alta are signs of a new reality.
  • The physical and chemical qualities of the atmosphere are changing.
  • Evolution is now found to be accelerating. The acceleration is 20 times faster. A new homeostasis is created. Plants and animals accept the new model of the climate that is being built according to a systematic cosmic solar program. But we are living according to old norms.
  • There are no disasters in nature. Rapid processes are happening in the conversion of energy in the biosphere to a new phase. The disaster is with human beings. Humans are found to be lagging behind greatly in the evolution of nature.
  • There is no knowledge or understanding on the human side, an understanding that the universe is conscious and the Earth is a living organism.
  • The main processes of the solar system are measured and calculated. At their foundation is found the conscious working of the universe, the passage of the solar system, including humans, to the next level of evolution.

“But due to the fact that humans have the gift of freedom of choice, it is impossible to drag them anywhere forcefully, not to the Garden of Eden and not to Hell. They choose their way themselves. People are themselves the creators of both their own happiness and their unhappiness.”

My Comment: Lately scientists are thinking the way that the Kabbalists have thought throughout the generations. Discovery of this picture of nature is leading them to the right conclusions. The problem of science is that nobody listens to it, just as they don’t listen to the wisdom of Kabbalah. Egoism shuts their eyes. Kabbalists experience this much more deeply than scientists because they have the wisdom of Kabbalah in their hands, an effective means for realizing freedom of choice and the mission of man in nature correctly.

It is possible to say that all of the threatening processes are happening only so that humanity will be involved with them and in this way they will elevate themselves to the next level of evolution, to the spiritual level, and will stop feeling this world as a reality, but as data given to us within our transient feelings.

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