The Universe Is A Computer Program

laitman_739Opinion (Jim Elvidge): “The present hypothesis about the structure of the universe says that our entire world is no more than a matrix, a virtual reality, created by an unknown form of intelligence. The universe is a computer program that works on the basis of a digital code.

“Matter is an objective reality that is given to us through our senses. It is clear that through contact with a variety of objects we define them according to our senses at that moment.

“However in fact, most objects are no more than empty space. So an image is only a conditional reality, a matrix that exists only in our consciousness.

“Behind everything that is found in our environment is concealed a particular code that resembles the binary code of a computer program. Perhaps it will become clear that our brain is simply an interface through which we have access to the ‘universal internet.’

“Every object and event is based on an intangible source. What we call ‘reality’ is formed from questions that invite ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answers, and from the answers themselves. All physical bodies are in fact theoretical information, and the universe requires our participation.

“Thanks to the binary code we can make a choice between two versions of a digital reality, of the matrix – managed by means of consciousness. The universe is revealed as a partnership of something higher with us.

“The universe has a virtual nature; its particles of matter exist in an unclear and unstable form, and their form is determined in a particular situation only in the eyes of the viewer.

“The things that surround us are the digital reality, the matrix. Yet, for example, a pen becomes a pen when you look at it, and together with this, we are ready to identify the object as a pen only according to external signs.

“The function of our brain is to process the information that is later stored in it. So we can also access data stored outside of our brain.

“If our consciousness is a simulation, then death is only a pause in the simulation, and consciousness passes to another simulator. This is the phenomenon of the reincarnation of souls.”

My Comment: In this way, scientific evidence and speculation are gradually bringing humanity closer to the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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