Physicists: The Universe Is A Giant Brain

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Huffington Post): “The idea of the universe as a ‘giant brain’ has been proposed by scientists – and science fiction writers – for decades.

“But now physicists say there may be some evidence that it’s actually true. In a sense.

“According to a study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports, the universe may be growing in the same way as a giant brain – with the electrical firing between brain cells ‘mirrored’ by the shape of expanding galaxies.

“The results of a computer simulation suggest that ‘natural growth dynamics’ – the way that systems evolve – are the same for different kinds of networks – whether it’s the internet, the human brain or the universe as a whole. … The result, they argue, is that the universe really does grow like a brain. The study raises profound questions about how the universe works.”

My Comment: All the worlds are arranged by a single scheme HaVaYaH—four stages of development, everything and every part of them. A unified force of absolute bestowal dominates the entire system, manages it, and predetermines everything, including our destiny. We have an opportunity to  change ourselves, to keep “up” with its step-by-step development all the time, and thus feel comfortable. Moreover, we can predict the future states in advance, and changing ourselves, we perceive them not as suffering, but as desirable. This is the purpose of the science of Kabbalah.

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