If We Are In A “Matrix,” How Can We Contact Its Creator?

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from news.com.au): “Scientists from the University of Washington are conducting experiments to discover whether the universe exists within a Matrix style computer simulation created by supercomputers of the future.

“The experiment could prove that we are merely pawns in some kind of larger computer game.

“So who created these super computers that may hypothetically power our existence?

“Professor Martin Savage, one of the physicists working on the project says it’s unclear.

“‘Imagine the situation where we get a big enough computer to simulate our universe, and we start such a simulation on our computers. If that simulation runs long enough, and have the same laws as our universe, then something like our universe will emerge within that simulations, and the situation will repeat itself within each simulation,’ he said. …

“In a nutshell the physicists will be looking at the distribution of the highest energy cosmic rays in order to try and detect patterns that could suggest that the universe is the creation of some futuristic computer technology.

“If it turns out that we are bit players in some sort of computer program, the physicist suggested that there may be a way to mess with the program, and play with the minds of our creators – all in the name of science, you understand.”

My Comment: Kabbalah reveals the program of creation of our world; we have to master it, and change ourselves according to it, to reveal the creator of this program—to understand his intention, reasons, and goals. And then, after the correction, meaning full mastery of the properties of the program’s creator, to develop outside the “matrix”—in the world of infinity, that is, unlimited possibilities.

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