laitman_765_1Opinion (Dmitry Zimin, founder of The Dynasty Foundation): “We see how people are running around on Earth with a powerful 21st century weapon in their hands, and yet their brains are in the Middle Ages….

“We have to marvel at the fact that people with modern scientific and technological achievements, information technology, haven’t the slightest idea of how this world is built, not to mention human society. Even to some genetic degree humanity can have a negative influence on choice: Its average IQ is not great, but small, simply because intelligence is not that necessary for a person surrounded by the wonderful comforts of home. He doesn’t need to be saved from predatory beasts or be concerned about food.

“The fruits of what we call civilization and culture were created by a minute stratum of people, but are accessible to billions, sparing them from the concerns and difficulties of life. And the result of this is their gradual transformation into wild men, the traces of which have become so recognizable in our day. Otherwise how else is it possible to explain this wave of hatred that has arisen at lightning speed when people who were close suddenly fight with each other and become enemies? It precisely now that education has become the most important task. It could be that only education can stop the insanity of what is happening.”

My Comment: I think that education and information will not help! What is required is awareness of the need to unite everyone above all the differences and oppositions. But there are no forces for this. The “evil inclination,” egoism, separates us and causes us to reject each other. There exists only one force against it, the “good inclination,” the Upper Light.

Only Jews and everyone who joins them in this effort can awaken its influence on all of us. The wisdom of Kabbalah explains to us, this possibility of correcting our nature. Humanity is pressuring the Jews with the help of hatred and boycotts. They must demand that the Jews draw the Upper Light, the power of unity, into our world. Only this alone is required for our world.

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  1. I had a dream last night. there was a class room. micheal laitman was sitting with the students and then all of them began to climb onto something. but when climbing micheal laitman was very big and other people were very very small. some people were directly climbing and they have to climb more but some people were on micheal laitman and since micheal laitman was moving in larger scales while these litttle people were moving up, they were covering larger distances.

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