Miriam’s Well

laitman_558The Great Commentary, “Bamidbar”: Supernaturally, streams of water emanated from Miriam’s well and separated the Shechina’s camp from the Levites’ camp, and then the Levites’ camp from the camp of the children of Israel.

The streams have branched off into the creeks that separated the parts of the tribes. However, no creek divided Joseph sons’– Manasseh and Ephraim – camps.

It is believed that Miriam’s well is in the lake of Galilee. Don’t try to find spirituality in the material world, although everything that exists in the spiritual world is reflected in materiality. Each branch of this world has its spiritual root. “Miriam’s well” is a spiritual state in which spiritual qualities are categorized.

The well can be visualized as the Milky Way, or as a woman’s breast milk intended to breastfeed bestowal. What does the “Milky Way” signify? Naming the intersection of stars in the sky “the Milky Way” is not accidental. “Cosmos” denotes bestowal of the Upper Force.

“Miriam’s well” separates the Cohens, Levites, and Israel to the degree of their ability to bestow. Nevertheless, as we see, it doesn’t separate Joseph and his two sons (Manasseh and Ephraim) because Joseph (Yosef) is Yesod, the state of a pure righteousness. At the level of complete bestowal, there is no separation among categories. That’s why the two sons of Joseph were not split apart.

Question: Does it mean that categorizing is still necessary for the time being?

Answer: Unless each of the properties manifests itself fully, they won’t reach a state of a mutual coupling. After Adam’s sin, i.e., after the shattering of the general soul into numerous people, each soul continued to mature for thousands of years. We have accrued so much egoism that it is extremely hard for us to come closer to each other and reconnect.

This was done only to show that we are selfish and then to rise above our egoism to the property of bestowal and love. When we all reach unity without losing our great individual properties, we’ll reveal the Creator.

If not for our mounting selfishness that manifests in us so vividly, if not for connecting above our egos, and at the same time retaining our egoism inside us, we would never perceive the Creator. After all, He is everlasting; it’s us who don’t feel Him. It is our job to sense Him 620 times stronger and progress from zero to Infinity.

Therefore, all material selfish properties must be preserved and should be interconnected with the altruistic glue. This will allow us to reveal the Creator who explicitly fills the entire world.

As for the separation, it existed at the time of the First Temple when the people of Israel reached their highest degree. It was then forbidden to marry those who belonged to other tribes.

But when they began descending to the lower level, their egoism began to grow, and a spiritual downfall occurred. At this point, the rule lost its importance and people began mixing among themselves.

Before this happened, the ban was strictly observed because the spiritual work in each property was so obvious that all properties were clearly categorized and separated from one another. People were able to differentiate among them. We too, will achieve this state someday.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/24/14

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