“And They Believed In The Lord And In His Servant Moses”

Laitman_931-02There are no changes in the Light. It always shines abundantly and unlimitedly from Infinity. Everything depends on the vessel and to the extent to which it can prepare itself to be able to receive the Light and change. Therefore everything depends on the preparation, the intention, and on our environment.

We must prepare these conditions. The closer they are to the true request and demand, the more the Light will affect us. Our development is gradual, and we should understand what we must ask for at the moment. It is impossible to ask for something that is several levels above us that we don’t even have a desire for. This would be a useless, artificial request.

I must ask for what really can help my correction. The more I try to discover different deficiencies and goals, the more I gradually discover that they are wrong. This is how the right and true desire is shaped in me for what really suits me. I don’t ask for something that is unrealistic, like a small child who asks for a real plane while he needs a small plastic car. He will not get anything unless he asks for what is right for his age because he wouldn’t know how to play with it anyway.

We also must clarify what it is that we want exactly, what is correct for and useful to us, what the meaning of our correction is. Then, we arrive at one desire only: that the Creator should dominate our desire to receive, Pharaoh.

When we receive an illumination from above, it raises us and brings us out of the domination of our ego. We get a chance to think in a non-egoistic manner, to do good deeds, and to begin to see our friends as parts of our soul. This is how we prepare for the exodus from Egypt.

The escape takes place when the Light of redemption comes on condition that we have shaped the right desire, that we realize that it is our salvation, and that we don’t need anything but that. This means that our desire is strong and right. Then, we see that faith is actually a great power and that only the power of faith can take us out of the ego in order to be drawn constantly to bestowal whether we feel good or bad. No great achievements that we may discover will confuse us anymore. We must protect ourselves from them and from the different eruptions of the ego.

The Light of Infinity shines on us and builds the power of faith in us, the ability to rise and not to be dependent on our desire to receive, and even to perform certain actions in the direction of bestowal. Thus, we ascend higher and higher above our ego and eventually come out of Egypt.

As is written in Baal HaSulam’s article, “What is Greatness and Smallness in Faith”:

…Hence, the one who seeks the truth is the one who needs the Light of faith. If such a person hears or sees some way to obtain the Light of faith, then one is happy as though he had found a great fortune.

Hence, those people who seek the truth, on the holiday of Pesach, which is capable of the Light of faith, we read in the Parasha (Torah portion), “and they believed in the Lord, and in His servant Moses,” because then is a time that can impart that.

We must receive the power that will enable us to ascend above our ego so that nothing will stand in our way anymore—to connect to the level of Moses and to the level of the Creator, to the first level that is above our level. If we all make an effort to do so, we will be rewarded with the ability to reach this state.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/30/14, Shamati #41

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