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Question: Our understanding of magic and witchcraft seriously expanded at the beginning of this era. Many people believe in or actively refute these issues. It confirms their interest in the topic.

How does the wisdom of Kabbalah relate to these issues? Can we implement benevolent, positive forces by using witchcraft or magic? Can we make our lives better with their help?

Answer: First of all, if not for the wisdom of Kabbalah, we would never have a modern-day understanding of what witchcraft or supernatural phenomena are. They are “borrowed” and then re-structured from the wisdom of Kabbalah and its exploration of how desires that represent the power of a human soul can be used.

The Network’s Enchantment

Let’s get to the point. We are interconnected with each other in a corrupt way. In general, our connection is pure egoism. As a result, evil forces generate the overall system of human relationships: Each one of us pursues personal benefit and doesn’t care about the society. We always try to take advantage of everything that surrounds us.

Humans are not to blame for being selfish since to begin with we are completely submerged in an egoistic nature. However, we are guilty of not using the wisdom of Kabbalah. The Jews should be remorseful more than others since we neglect the science of Kabbalah, whereas with the help of this wisdom we would be able to transform our connection from an evil network to a benevolent one.

According to Kabbalah, this is a positive way of using “supernatural powers,” i.e., transforming relationships between us from negative to positive. We cannot turn them “upside down” since it is an external system for us. Nowadays, the way we are connected make us treat each other quite poorly.

In order to change the current state of affairs and establish good relationships between all of us, we have to use a special force called “the Upper Force,” “the Creator,” “God,” or “Nature.” The impact of the force that we are trying to trigger in the wisdom of Kabbalah is called the “Light.”

It is said: “I created the evil inclination and I created the Torah as a spice.” In other words, egoism governs us; still there is a way to take advantage of the system that can correct our relationships. The power of the Light descends to our egoistic structure and improves it. As a result, a benevolent network appears among us.

This is exactly how we should use the wisdom of Kabbalah and the Torah, the essence of which lies in the principle “love thy neighbor as thyself,” i.e., creating benevolent relationships between all people.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/11/15

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