How To Change The Entries In The Diary Of Life

laitman_526Question: There are unusual dreams that seem to pass some message to us. Is it possible to decipher these dreams?

Answer: I never gave importance to my dreams, nor did I try to remember what I dreamt about.

There are two types of people. The first type engages in thinking about the essence of life; others just live and that’s it. They are not worried about why they live and what the purpose of their existence is. Their motto is “live your life and then die”—as if there is nothing more to it. For these people, it is very important what will happen to them tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, in ten years… They are marionettes of blind destiny.

That’s why they feel that if they knew at least something about their future, they would be able to avoid harsh blows and change their destiny. The question is whether it is possible. If not, then it’s better not to know what waits for us in the future. Why would I worry about troubles that will take place three years from now?

I would love to hear good predictions. However, I can’t control my destiny. At the same time, “prophecies” that someone gives us can vary significantly. Usually, with years life doesn’t get better.

Only Kabbalists possess the tools that can change one’s fate. That’s why those who are engaged in Kabbalah don’t interpret prophetic dreams. At each given moment, Kabbalists make every possible effort to clarify how to better implement their time and calculate the purpose of their existence as well as what is the best and shortest way to attain it. That’s why their destiny is always in their hands; thus, their dreams do not matter.

Let’s say, tomorrow someone shows you the book of your life, like a diary, painted day by day. And you can read what will happen to you today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow… Is it good for you?

Comment: Of course! We are totally uncertain of what will happen to us tomorrow!

Answer: Lack of this kind of knowledge is good for us. The diary will contain records like “on Tuesday you’ll be reprimanded, on Wednesday you’ll be fired, on Thursday you’ll break your leg, on Friday your son will misbehave at school.” Our lives are comprised of things like this.

Why do you want to know these things in advance? If I knew today about the troubles that will happen to me in a week, a month, a year… how would I live? I’d be desperate. That’s why knowing our future is useless.

Conversely, it would be quite a different story if you had the power to change the entries in the diary and could write it yourself. This is what the wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us. It is the true key to our dreams.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/11/15

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