Sparks Of Hope Above The Garbage Pile Of The Ego

laitman_937Question: What is the difference between the conditions of connection during the giving of the Torah, during the transition through the 49 gates of impurity, and the exodus from Egypt?

Answer: The 49 gates of impurity are all our vessels, all our desires, our hearts, which are all totally in order to receive, this is garbage dumped at the bottom. Only a point in the heart, a spark of bestowal, comes out of every heart and all these sparks are connected into one.

These connected sparks are called Moses. They want to be connected to the Creator and therefore ascend to the top of the mountain, while all the hearts remain in the 49 gates of impurity. The revelation of the Creator that took place during the exodus from Egypt was necessary in order to detach the sparks from the hearts, in order to take them out of the ego.

Once the sparks are detached from the hearts they can unite into one vessel in order to receive the Torah. After all, when the Light of the Torah is received, each time it is necessary to take a select portion of the hearts and correct them, prepare them and raise them to the height of the sparks.

This is the first phase called to bestow in order to bestow, the raising of the desire to receive to the height of bestowal. Then there is more work with the intention of in order to bestow.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/3/14

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