Reality Against Magic

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Konstantin Simonov, PhD, Director General of the Russian National Energy Security Fund): “We are accustomed to believe in the rationality of the world, that optimal solutions will be found. And our managers will eventually find the way out of the situation.

“Belief in a higher principle is not necessarily a religious worldview. We believe that the invisible hand of the market balances supply and demand, that institutions protect democracy and market economy, even if ordinary citizens do not understand this mechanism.

“It is also akin to a belief in magic: if there are good institutions, then everything must be settled. But if institutions are so powerful, why is the unemployment in Western Europe at 20 %?

“Evolution suggests that nature finds the optimal solution by filtering, putting everything in its place. But this occurs in nature and not in human society! Do we have time to wait for slow changes in ourselves and society when almost every day we are on the verge of a serious crisis?”

My Comment: Under the new conditions of the global and integrally connected world, we cannot wait and move forward unconsciously. In this final stage of the development of our civilization, we must consciously rise above it into a new dimension, to the new altruistic laws for self and society.

In leaving our development to “chance,” we have become believers, trusting that our life flows according to a higher plan. By becoming engaged in our re-education and by changing society to altruism, we are not believers, but we really perceive the world.

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