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Dr. Michael LaitmanTowards the Revelation of the Creator

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the essence of the revelation of the Creator and the connection between us. In fact, even the ancient Babylonians wanted to reveal Him and the Tower of Babel became the symbol of their attempt, their effort, to do so. But back then, the majority intended to succeed in the framework of their egoism and only very few realized that it was necessary to ascend above self-love.

When we refer to the revelation of the Creator, we refer to the upper force that manages all of our reality and leads it to the most sublime state that is called the revelation of the Creator to His created beings in this world. This is the goal of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

The whole evolutionary process, the development of all our reality, is eventually meant only to reveal the Creator and to reach complete adhesion with Him until we resemble Him and become equivalent to Him when all of humanity, the whole world, all of the still, vegetative, animate, and human nature are united with Him.

Question: What exactly is this similarity?

Answer: It means that a person gradually reaches the complete attribute of bestowal that is revealed by love. Then a person feels love for everyone.

A Role Model for Humanity

Adam, who lived twenty generations before Abraham, was the first to speak about the Creator. He was the first human being in our world who discovered the method of revealing the Creator and fulfilled it.

As for Abraham, he fulfilled the method with a big group of people. According to Rambam, tens of thousands of people followed Abraham from Babylon to the land of Canaan.

They are the ones who laid the foundations for the Jewish nation by learning to format the attribute of love inside them, thus attaining resemblance and equivalence to the one unique force that operates in nature. This is the reason that the Israeli nation is called the chosen people, because they were chosen to serve others, which means to lead other people to the sublime state of love.

Question: Is everyone in the world capable of resembling the Creator?

Answer: Eventually yes. The question is when and under what conditions, but one way or the other there is a spark hidden in everyone that needs to be ignited to draw a person to the revelation of the Creator.

Question: So what is the exact meaning of the Jewish nation being chosen?

Answer: It means that it is obliged to reveal the Creator to the whole world, to draw everyone to the Creator, to set an example, and to show how to live with the Creator in our environment.

Don’t Believe, Reveal

Question: What should we do with those who don’t believe in God at all?

Answer: What we speak about doesn’t relate to religious people or to atheists. I may have been brought up with the belief that God exists. In fact, this may be part of my upbringing that has been rooted in me since my childhood and thatI have accepted as an axiom for life. However, neither my teachers nor I have actually revealed the Creator.

In fact, the Creator isn’t what humanity can ever imagine in the framework of religions and beliefs. It is the attribute of bestowal that is the basis of the whole universe, of every human being and of all of matter. It includes all of reality, manages and develops it until it all reveals this attributes, until it absorbs it from the outside. Then the attribute of bestowal will awaken it from the inside, and everyone will unite with this external force.

The attribute of bestowal is currently concealed in all our reality and we have to remove the veil to reveal it. This is called “revealing the Creator.”

To this end we are attracted to the attribute of love and bestowal and our impulse helps us discover it inside us in the matter of our desire. So we don’t have to believe in the Creator but reveal Him.

We Were Chosen by Our Desire

Question: So who has chosen us if it isn’t God in the traditional sense?

Answer: Our desire to reveal Him is what makes us chosen, given we have that desire. This desire motivated Abraham, a very well-known educated man, a kind of public figure who used to worship idols. Suddenly he began to speak differently: Why do we suffer, what is our goal, etc.?

Others felt that they suddenly somehow responded to his message because the same desire had awoken in them too. This is how a group was formed that later became the chosen people.

Question: So what is the role of this nation today?

Answer: Today we still are talking about a group of people whose goal is to reveal the Creator to all of humanity and thus bring humanity to the level of wholeness, beauty, love, eternity and peace.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/28/14

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