A Unique Relationship Towards The Creator’s Chosen

laitman_749_03Question: It has been the fate of the Jewish people that so much suffering has fallen upon them throughout history that sometimes they have wanted to ask the Creator to choose some other people for the role of the chosen next time. Why have we received such special treatment?

Answer: The same part of all of humanity that is more developed than anyone else for discovering the Creator has gotten this unique relationship. Therefore, they are called Israel (“Yashar-El” – “Straight to the Creator”).

Anyone who feels a similar yearning in his heart and joins this group, meaning that he becomes a Jew (Yehudi, from the word “Yichud” – unity) and unites with the others to discover the Creator, by being included among the people of Israel, will also become subject to this pressure and cannot flee.

The more that we develop and approach the end, the point when we must embody our mission to the whole world, accordingly we feel greater and greater pressure, struggle, and hatred. And the nations of the world don’t understand the reason for their hatred. By discovering the same forces with which we ourselves must yearn and move forward, we connect and unite more and more and draw all the other peoples after us.

But instead, we try to arrange a relaxed and comfortable life for ourselves. Therefore the same intense forces that we must activate and haven’t begin to put pressure on us through the nations of the world. Today we are only feeling the earliest symptoms of this global pressure on us. If we don’t succeed in showing that we are carrying out our mission, we will invite upon ourselves a very great tsunami.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/28/14

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