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laitman_543_02Abraham gave a clear boundary between truth, nature, and the human intellect that examines it, the possibility to advance to the level of Adam (Man), differentiating the man from the beast, and on the other hand, all kinds of mysticism and beliefs. This is not even a religion in which everything is organized meticulously or some kind of dark superstition.

There is the wisdom of Kabbalah that was discovered by Abraham that gives a person knowledge about the Creator, and there is religion in which there are also precise laws that keep a person in a rigid framework.

Religion is a social framework that fundamentally ties a person and doesn’t let him behave according to the arbitrariness of his heart. This is some kind of additional pressure through the promise of reward or punishment in this world and in the next world, heaven or hell.

But between these two basic currents—the wisdom of Kabbalah (the science of the upper force) and religion—there is a kind of gray area. It was created because people were no longer satisfied with the simple religious frameworks so they tried to clarify and discover something about themselves: What is my destiny, what happen to me, how can you succeed in life and stay out of trouble?

Practical questions arose. They didn’t ask about the next world, about which religion assures us, but about our daily lives. Success today was important to them, and for this they sought some means, blessings and amulets that could protect them and their children, simple symbols that give a person confidence and hope for the future.

And in truth, these hopes for a better situation that appear in a person when he buys an amulet, ties a red string on his wrist, or wears some symbolic jewelry give him strength as a very good psychological support. People are ready to pay dearly to feel protected, calm, confident, and happy.

And this really heals. It is known how inner confidence helps a person by awakening hidden reserves in the body that are ready to support and heal him. So it is impossible just to dismiss these methods and say that they don’t work. They do work, but specifically in the rational realm, without any mysticism, even though they are derived from an irrational source.

So between the wisdom of Kabbalah and religion there exists such an intermediate gray area. For example, in England, before entering a new apartment, a person invites a special service that purifies it of all the “bad spirits.” There is a place for all of these superstitions and it is necessary to take them seriously because they give people confidence.

In this world there are very few people who yearn to discover the Creator and for whom the wisdom of Kabbalah is important. There are a lot of people who belong to religion in some form. But in every person it is possible to find some connection with this middle gray area, each one believes in some signs and symbols that support and strengthen him in life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/1/15

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