Only One Comes Out To The Light

laitman_537M. Wiseman, “BeShalach,”: The Lord commanded Moses: Tell the children of Israel that they should turn around and go back toward Egypt.

The commandment to turn back toward Egypt was a trial for the children of Israel. They rejoiced at every step that led them back to their torturers. Those who were weaker pulled out their hair and tore their clothes, but Moses eased their mind and said: “I have received a Godly promise that you will remain free!”

They set off on the return journey and reached a place called Pitom.

We drew away from Egypt and followed Moses (the point in the heart) and suddenly we go back. This is necessary in order to clarify the hidden forms of Pharaoh (of the ego), which help us advance.

A person who begins to work spiritually first advances and then he suddenly discovers even greater internal descents and greater negative attributes that he didn’t even notice before.

However, it doesn’t stop the movement forward because a person moves one centimeter forward and two centimeters backward, and then he adds another centimeter and advances three more centimeters forward, but is thrown four centimeters backwards. Do he advances in a zigzag, but with ever-increasing amplitude.

The movement backward is very unpleasant because a person begins to discover such attributes inside himself that he never even suspected. When he comes out of Egypt with the desire to become more sociable, more friendly, more connected to others, according to the principle of “don’t do unto others what is hateful to you” and “love thy friend as thyself,” he suddenly falls into terrible feelings of hatred and malice towards others.

First everything went fine and consistently along the path one should follow towards the Creator, but suddenly there is such a u-turn! A person doesn’t understand what is going on: Is this method so cruel that it is intended to confuse and take advantage of him? Could it be that he isn’t ready for the spiritual work yet or that it isn’t for him? He may also think that his teachers wish to mislead him and he begins to hate them.

He sees that nothing works and he is drawn back to where he was before, and it is as if he flies backward; he doesn’t simply return to Egypt but returns to a much worse state than before.

By escaping his egoistic desires and advancing forward in a certain state of illumination and inner expectation of coming out of the egoistic darkness of the closed world, of his small desire into an open space, he suddenly falls while at the peak of feeling the best.

With regard to this it is written: “A thousand come into a room and only on comes out to teach (to the Light),” which means that despite the deep descents, he continues to advance. This means that we draw away from Egypt and then go back in order to advance forward.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/23/14

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