Do Not Let Humanity And The Creator Down

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We are discussing the next step in building the center of the group. We would like to review the current state. Today each friend has his own pain, his own desire, and each sees the further correction of the group in his own way. And everyone is right. But how does all of this resolve into one whole? How do we actually upgrade ourselves to a new version?

Answer: You need to finally feel that you are at the point of choice, at a fateful decision. All generations are looking at you, and right now you are determining the future and if it will it go through the path of hastening or through the natural path, in its time.

And certainly, as a result of this, all things and events will unfold one way or the other in the land of Israel and in the world.

We need to realize that we are that point through which Light can pass into our world. Therefore, everything depends on how seriously we approach our role as the transition link. Our unity must be genuine.

There is no help here from the upper or from me because everything is handed over to you, and it is up to you to create this unity. You need to decide how we will make ourselves equivalent with the Creator.

Above all, we need to connect to Him. Our dissemination, too, needs to stem only from adhesion with Him. I am seeing that otherwise we will not be successful. Yes, we are reaching out to people, but we need to deliver genuine Light to them in a way that they will become connected to us and cling to us as a baby to a mother. And likewise—the whole world.

There is a willingness for it, but we are not yet connected to the Creator so we cannot serve as a vessel of reception or as support for the people of Israel and the world. Today’s situation is such that we are obliged to establish a connection from both sides and are obliged to reach mutual guarantee, above with the Creator and below with the whole world.

You must take the connection between you very seriously. Whoever is not ready for it, even in the slightest bit, has no place here. After all, if we do not unite, nothing will hold up and all the work we’ve done will amount to nothing.

Therefore, we need to work on purifying and uniting the common vessel, checking daily and  in every second, how you are progressing along the path. This is very, very serious.

After all, we advance either through the 49 gates of impurity or through the 49 gates of Holiness. Herein lies the danger that threatens us in Egypt. So right now the choice is in our hands.

You cannot begin a new day the same way you did last week. No, a new desire and a new approach is needed. This is not in words, but in feelings and in the mind. Accordingly, we will merit either a good or a bad attitude from both directions, from above and from below.

Throughout all of history, the people of Israel have experienced pressure from above and below. And now, Israel refers to us, the group that is entitled to propel the world forward either in its time or through acceleration.

We need to change ourselves completely and demonstrate in every moment a serious approach to the work through responsibility and mutuality. I repeat that whoever does not take mutual responsibility seriously has no place here. This group does not accept everyone indiscriminately but only those whose hearts ache with concern.

It does not matter how many people remain here. Let it be ten, but this ten will be bonded tightly, will be strong, connected to the upper Light, and will be able to conduct Light through itself into the world. And conversely, there is no benefit from a large number of people who are not united and not connected with the upper Light.

This is why we need to break away, free ourselves from all illusory pursuits and work only on connection in order to reveal the upper force within this connection.

Let’s hope that we already understand this and will begin to act. I very much hope that we will offer a response to that opportunity that the entire world has been awaiting for thousands of years.
From a Talk at a Meal 11/29/14

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