A Truth That Makes No Sense

laitman_265Our mission is to convey the message to as many people as possible. Baal HaSulam wrote about how much he suffered when he saw poor people wandering the streets and not knowing anything about the Creator and His control. If they knew about Him, they treated him improperly. Baal HaSulam’s dream was to reveal this information to people.

Thus, we have to reach everyone and make everyone an active part in connection with the Creator. The whole Israeli nation has to unite and to connect with the upper force in order to become the channel that conveys the Light. Today there are no restrictions and everyone should know about it.

Question: Is it true that in the discussion circles what is most convincing to people is not the arguments, rationale, or emotions, but the warm atmosphere in the circle?

Answer: There is a certain force in these discussions that operates on people. Even if only a small number of people participate in these discussions, it already spreads throughout the nation like a good “metastases” that spreads a new feeling.

A new state is appearing now not only in Israel but all over the world. It is a totally irrational state and the Israeli nation is irrational like its history.

Anti-Semitism, the attitude of the all the nations of the world towards Israel, is also totally irrational. After all, how can it be explained logically that such an enlightened and cultured people as the Germans committed the Holocaust.

There is no sensible explanation for that and it has nothing to do with religion. It isn’t an argument between Judaism and Christianity; look at how positively the Pope speaks about Judaism. He loves Israel while billions of people who follow him hate the Jews. The upper providence operates so that everything will seem totally irrational.

Therefore, we shouldn’t fear the fact that it makes no sense. We should only dress in the senselessness of the world and everything will take on the right and true form. In fact, all the nations will see that we manage this senselessness and that we have the explanation for everything, that there is a basis and a way to reveal all.

We can finally explain the reason for anti-Semitism to everyone, the conditions for the existence of the Israeli nation that will allow it to stay on the world map. We will be able to explain the special role of this nation, why it has undergone different ordeals throughout history, what the Torah actually says, and what the essence of all the religions and beliefs is.

Abraham laid the foundation for all the religions; they are all called the Abrahamic religions. They are the result of the “gifts” he sent to the East with the sons of his concubines. It is time to solve world’s problems.

We have entered a new era, and before us is to fully open this field of work.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/17/14, Shamati #68

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