How Does One Protect A Nation From Dissolution?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Have I understood correctly that in the physical world and in the spiritual world envy operates differently? If in the physical world I want to annihilate the object of my envy, in spiritual work it works the other way around. I don’t know what spirituality is, but I want to feel it, so I yearn to get this through the object of my envy.

Answer: Indeed, the more envious you are of the spiritual desire of your friend, the more you benefit.

Question: I was a child of the Soviet Union. It turned out that a yearning was awakened in us for such things, which, in principle, were closer to spiritual than physical prosperity. So was this the right direction?

Answer: In the Soviet Union, the  correct understanding is education based on our egoistic desires and physical aspirations to become the strongest nation, to rule the world, to manage it, and show everyone the whip. If the leadership of the country had acted correctly, it would have been engaged with education for people and would not have aspired only to better manage people.

The problem is in this. According to what Baal HaSulam wrote, everything was organized here for the sake of a lofty egoistic goal and not for the sake of an altruistic goal directed toward the Creator. This is because the Creator is, in principle, all of us united into a general single whole. This is the whole of creation, all of humanity and all of nature in full mutual bestowal. The characteristic called the Creator is specifically discovered here. Outside of us, the Creator doesn’t exist.

If the Soviet Union had existed for this, it would have educated the people correctly and not in order to be the strongest in order to oppress others, instill fear, and demand respect. If there had not been an immense ego standing at the head of belligerent politics, then certainly everything would have been otherwise. But since all of this was for the sake of big egos, not for the people, but for the leadership of the people itself, everything crumbled.

And it is certainly crumbling now with an even greater noise since arrogance has been rising: “We! We! We!” “We will show everybody.” “We are going our own way.” “We are the smartest, the strongest,” and so forth. All of this will very rapidly collapse. A nation cannot exist like this and it will come to Nazism. The fall of the Ukraine is a sign of what can happen to Russia. And all of this is because they put a very great, powerful ego at the head.

In no way do I wish anything bad for this nation. I consider it my homeland to a certain degree, but it has taken a completely wrong direction. Neither the congress nor the huge national ego can keep the country from disintegrating.

This is absolutely against every outlook, the entire flow of nature and every line of development. And so it will disappear very rapidly as if it never existed. The Soviet regime existed for 70 years, and it will all pass away very quickly now.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day One” 7/11/14, Lesson #2

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