The Force Of Envy Is Not Limited By Time And Space

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot”

The inclination for envy elicits the sages from among them, as our sages said, “Author’s envy increases wisdom.” The strong-willed, with the inclination for envy, excel in acquiring wisdom and knowledge. It is like the speaking degree in the whole of reality, in which the operating force is not limited by time and place, but is collective and encompasses every item in the world, throughout all times.

Also, it is the nature of the fire of envy to be general, encompassing all times and the whole reality. This is because it is the conduct of envy: if one had not seen the object in one’s friend’s possession, the desire for it would not have awakened in one at all.

The force of envy is the most powerful force, particularly in the workers of the Creator and a little less in ordinary people. If it is possible to say that ordinary people have envy in the same way we mean.

It is said that, “Author’s envy increases wisdom”; that is, this is the only force that acts, pushes, and pulls a person forward. It is a very useful force. That is why, we need to show each other how much we invest in the group, try to love friends, to exaggerate good examples, and not be afraid that you may appear immodest and not righteous.

You should not present yourself as a hidden righteous. On the contrary, your demonstrative example of showing your devotion, enthusiasm greatly benefits your friends. Understanding this, the group already shows the principle of “love they neighbor as yourself.” Indeed, I am interested in seeing that others are better than me!

Usually, our egoism wants to belittle everyone; even if I am absolutely nothing, at least others are even less than me. Here, on the contrary, I want to see others higher than me. Although this is against my egoism and is unpleasant, I begin to criticize myself—but it is for the good of my advancement.

Thus we show examples to young children, “Look at this boy, what he can do! Try to do the same”! It is natural for a child to learn from others’ examples. It is the same in spiritual development: We need to show each other a good example and deliberately stir up envy.

In the outside world, people love that others envy them and suffer, seeing them so successful, rich, and powerful. But here, it is opposite, by allowing others to see me as strong and goal-oriented, I help them because I want them to be better than me. Thus, I raise the group according to the principle, “The one who chooses a better environment is rewarded with success and advancement.”

We need to use this means, the lever, the fire of envy that burns us, with the utmost cunning, trying to awaken good envy in the friends. We need not only play in relation with each other, but also to talk about this, to learn from all the forms, which others show, and become like them and even better. Then the group will become stronger, grow, and move forward.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/26/13

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