Why Does The Torah Start From Adam?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why doesn’t the Torah start from Abraham or from the gathering at Mount Sinai, but rather begins with Adam, with creation?

Answer: In order to help us understand that the main thing is the shattering of the soul into many pieces, and then the Torah is given only in order to gather and put these parts together again, to glue them together, and thus to discover the Creator in the glued vessel. But if it didn’t start that way and there were no shattering, then all the other actions would certainly be meaningless.

Therefore, the Torah starts from Adam and not from Abraham since Abraham is already the outcome of the shattering and is already the beginning of the correction. It doesn’t start from the giving of the Torah either since this is already the receiving of the tool and the plan of correction. The Torah ends with the complete revelation of the Creator that is in the completely corrected and repeatedly strengthened soul of Adam.

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