The Place Of The Jewish People In The Land Of Israel, According To The Law Of Nature

laitman_942Question: The state of Israel was founded with the great hope for a better future, but instead there is no end to the wars in this region. What is the reason that we have been in a continuous war with the Arabs for the last century?

Answer: On what basis do we claim that we have a right to this land? Is it because it used to be ours in the past? But the Jews also lived in Egypt in the past and this is also a historical fact.

We all know that people have wandered from one place to another throughout history. It is impossible to say who lived here two thousand years ago and that the people living here now are not the same people who lived here in the past. Only the Indians in America have remained in their original locations in some places.

So why do we all of the sudden demand to have the land of Israel in the 20th century and claim that it belongs to us? It is legitimate only if we have returned to this land in order to fulfill our special mission, just the way it was in ancient times.

The Jews conquered the land of Israel after the exodus from Egypt and forty years of wandering in the desert. The nations of the world can also accuse us of taking their land because seven other nations were living here. We have to prove to everyone that the Jews came to the land of Israel in order to fulfill a special mission that is important for everyone and that will save all the other nations.

Question: So what should we do in these real-world conditions when the state of Israel is surrounded by enemies that wish to destroy it? Is there hope for peace or will this resistance only keep on growing?

Answer: There is no chance of reaching peace, and the resistance will continue as long as the Israeli nation doesn’t fulfill its mission in the land of Israel. Then all the nations will understand why the Jews are here and will accept it, including our neighbors.

Question: How can we extinguish the hate in their hearts?

Answer: The Israeli nation has a special secret method. The Jewish people are the source of all the good and evil in the world. Therefore it isn’t by chance that we encounter anti-Semitism everywhere and that the whole world is either for or against Israel. There isn’t a person in this world that is indifferent or neutral with regard to Israel: He either feels love or hate.

If he is still neutral, it means that this question hasn’t awoken in him yet and the time for that hasn’t come. This means that Israel is a very important factor that affects the whole world. We can consider this effect irrational, virtual, or spiritual but it still has a very powerful influence on the world. Therefore, the world has always paid great attention to Israel and has regarded it as the source of evil.

But Israel can also be the source of goodness. All the evil and all the goodness in the world depend only on the connections between people. If we establish the right connections in the Israeli nation, we will force the whole world to establish good, warm, mutual connections between people.

Then the whole world will feel and understand that it all stems from Israel and will accept its existence, which means that it is the Jews who should live in the land of Israel and unite and create the source of the good connections for the whole world.

Thus, we fulfill our mission. It was given to us by nature not because we wanted it; it is imprinted in nature as a law, just like anti-Semitism is also a law of nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 7/17/14

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