The Ideology Of Balance And Unity

laitman_254_02Question: You graduated from the Polytechnic Institute, studied biology and cybernetics, and then worked in the Military Medical Academy Laboratory. Then you’ve repatriated to Israel, where you found yourself to be religious. Until that time were you an atheist?

Answer: My view of the world comes from the internal Torah. I’ve always been interested in the problem of the meaning of human life, the program that controls the universe, the system that guides us, in the issues of the past, present, and future.

Comment: So, in your worldview aspiration, you postulate a religion, that is, the existence of the Almighty …

Answer: No, because the image that a religious person imagines under the term “higher force” is completely unacceptable for a Kabbalist.

Under the Almighty, the All-Knowing, the founder of it all, I mean a huge system of the universe, not only our world, but also those hidden worlds, those hidden systems that exist around us, control us, and which we can control by the reciprocal connection.

Torah in my outlook plays a very important role, but not in the sense in which it is understood by the common person or by an ordinary believer, but in its internal sense. Torah teaches how to change oneself to get out of the non-terrestrial, unlimited existence.

Kabbalah is a practical system of knowledge that enables a person for the life span that one lives in this world, to understand, to comprehend, and to achieve a highest dimension, to rise above the level of death and already feel the upcoming states.

A person has a direct influence on the control system, in which we exist. One should just feel this connection, and then take control of one’s own destiny.

Kabbalah was revealed for the first time 5774 years ago by a man called Adam. After 20 generations of Kabbalists, Abraham, the ancient Babylonian high priest, created the Jewish people. He gathered a group of people who wanted to combine the principle of “love thy neighbor as thyself.” It became the ideology of our people, their constitution. Joined together, we are one nation, which is called Yehudim from the word “Yichud” (unity).

As a result of its development, the group had to show the rest of Babylon, who didn’t want to follow Abraham, how it’s necessary to correct themselves, to rise above self-interest and withdraw from the huge crisis of human interconnection.

This is what Kabbalah was intended for, where the two components of the universe, the altruism and egoism, bestowal and reception, are combined into one creation. Reception in order to bestow is the right interconnection for people in perfect harmony.

Now we only have the property of reception. Even if we bestow, we do so only in order to receive. If we add the property of bestowal toward the property of reception, we will add a property of bestowal to ourselves, then we will be like the overall harmonious nature, the still, vegetative, and animal levels. By developing a bestowal not for the sake of reception, but just for the sake of bestowal, for a proper interconnection with each other, we will balance our egoism with altruism, the minus and the plus.

In nature, a minus and a plus balanced out on the still, vegetative, and animal level. But on the level of human consciousness, at the level of our mental connections between each other, we can’t do that. This is the current general global crisis, which is a manifestation of one egoistic force in us.

The source of the current global crisis is the disharmony between altruism and egoism. Only the Jewish people can implement this harmony, and we’ve been trying to bring it to mankind through our Kabbalah Academy.

Kabbalah isn’t a religion; it’s not a belief based on some assumptions; it is a science. A person shouldn’t believe in anything here, lower oneself in front of anything, or perform any rituals. A person just has to want to look into one’s life.

Religion is something that someone believes into, and Kabbalah, like any science, can be confirmed in practice.
From KabTV’s “A Special Opinion” 8/17/14

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