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Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah explains the entire system of the universe, it describes for us the world of Infinity and the four phases of the expansion of the Direct Light, meaning the formation of the desires “from absence.”

Kabbalah clarifies what “from absence” means, which is to exist in a spiritual dimension outside of our world, and it explains the descent to it and the ascent from it, which means to “exist beyond time, space, and motion,” which are states as they are realized: according to Einstein or some other higher way?

Kabbalah also discusses the descent of desire. It talks about desire and the influence of a single parameter, the Light, upon it. There is nothing else in the universe except for the Light and desire. They beget everything we see in us and between us. All these things are different manifestations of desire, which were formed by the Light one way or another.

Kabbalah tells us about the gradual descent from Above downward and the creation of blocks of the spiritual state: Partzufim, Sefirot, and the worlds (concealments). This refers to a causal process, a strict and precise one, which we study using a scientific approach.

There is an enormous amount of purely scientific and complicated materials on this topic: graphs, equations, conditions that precisely describe the cause and effect development of desire under the influence of Light, screens, informational records (Reshimot), stages of development, and so on. All of this is pure science that has nothing to do either with religion or poetry; it’s nothing but pure physics.

Furthermore, Kabbalah talks about our world, about its creation. As early as 3,700 years ago Kabbalists described how a spark of Light created the volume of our world because previously, this space did not exist either. Then the Big Bang happened in this space, and this tiny spark gave rise to all matter of our world.

Everything was born from absence in the world of Infinity. Since we do not comprehend this, we ask ourselves: “What does everything out of nothing mean?” However, physicists say that the same thing happened also in our world: There was a certain spark, a point, which suddenly exploded and produced the entire Universe. In other words, modern science follows the same principles and tells us exactly what Kabbalah tells us, including the four consecutive stages of development: still, vegetative, animate, and human.

Kabbalah also tells us about the creation of the Universe over billions of years, and then our planet from a cloud of gases. This is described in Kabbalah books that are hundreds and thousands of years old. Today physics, geology, and astronomy say the same.

Kabbalists described the periods of warming and cooling of Earth, which took tens of millions of years, until a solid crust appeared together with the opportunity for protein matter to exist due to the appropriate distribution between all the components. Why specifically protein matter? Why specifically this kind of foundation instead of silicone or methane, or some other matter? Kabbalah explains all of this.

And finally, Kabbalah tells us about the creation of a human being who was the result of the gradual development of the still, vegetative, and animate nature. Kabbalah describes the intermediate stages: corals which are between the still and the vegetative levels; a special species which represents the intermediate state between the vegetative and the animate levels; and a primate which is the intermediate form between the highest animal state and man.

Kabbalah describes all these stages and shows why evolution happened the way it did. The only difference from Darwin’s theory is that Kabbalah tells of informational data that exists from the very beginning, informational genes that exist in matter, which develop according to a preset program instead of an accidental evolution or evolution that depends on circumstances.

All the species are realized based on their inner parameters, which existed from the beginning on the world of Infinity and have simply descended and realized themselves here in order to once again aim upward. This entire chain is determined beforehand; it is calculated ahead of time from beginning to end.
From the 1st lesson at the Moscow Convention 6/10/11

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  1. I hate to say this, but since it can explain all of this, why don’t we? Can you reference any of these books or post links to them? The equations etc? Please?

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