Everything Is In The Hands Of Man!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When the innocence and fairness of Job is tested time after time though suffering, three friends approach him to express condolences. They hint that he has done something bad and that it cannot be such that blows came from nothing.

But Job does not agree with this, continuing to insist on his innocence. These friends represent the question that we often ask ourselves: Have I personally done something bad for which I receive punishment, or it is something else?

Answer: Nature does not ask whether we did or did not do something. We imagine fate as evil following evil and good following good. But the law of nature does not act according to this formula. If initially it is said that “man’s heart is evil from his youth,” he automatically finds himself in a negative account.

Question: It turns out that the friends’ advice to look for evil in oneself is wrong?

Answer: He will not find it. He will just come up with different formulas by which one should behave, but will not explore nature itself. He does not take into account that the law of “love thy neighbor as thyself” applies to him.

For example, in our world there are different laws of behavior and culture, such as how to behave in the family, in society, in nature, and etc. Where do these laws come from? Are they based on the knowledge of nature, the good? No. Typically, people come up with them according to their calculations, and we must respect them.

It turns out that we initially form relationships between ourselves in a distorted way and then do not know where bad luck comes from. How do we come up with this nonsense in that we say that the Creator gave, the Creator took, the Creator is blessed, and I have nothing to do with it? I feel I’m a saint. I accept this fate as it comes from Above and do not see my participation. How will new misfortunes not come my way?

Question: People tend to think that if misfortune happens to someone, then obviously he did something bad individually. And you describe the system, meaning look not at individual destiny, but the destiny of society.

Answer: It is difficult to consider an individual’s fate because our vision is limited. There are notorious sinners, who feel well. And if I look with my egoistic eyes, I see people enjoy by deceiving others and stealing throughout their lives. They have everything, are even respected, and after death are called righteous. The question is whether or not he can serve as an example. Of course not! One person’s individual life cannot be an example.

Question: If misfortunes come to a person one after another, in the end, he will curse the day he was born. Many people feel that death is better than such a life.

Answer: This is an escape from responsibility, from purpose, and an unwillingness to hear. It is necessary to form public opinion that will help a person hear that there is a goal and that he needs to organize his life. It is neither blind fate nor destiny. Everything is in the hands of man!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/28/14

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