Coincidence Is Simply Ignorance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: People are different, so how can they influence different processes in nature together with other people?

Answer: Everything depends on the level of bestowal. If we speak about the levels in nature of the still, vegetative, and animate, humanity is destroying and corrupting the environment and causing great harm to the ecology. At the same time, however, the upper providence is arranged so that it enables a person to gradually learn from his actions until he understands because everything exists and operates for a purpose. Even though we should have already disappeared from the surface of the earth because of our corruptions, nature is still arranged from above in a way that it can bear us and allow us to continue until we learn and grow wiser and gradually realize, according to our human nature, that we have to change.

Question: Won’t humanity reach the recognition and the revelation as to how the world is arranged and how the different forces operating in it are arranged up until the very last moment of its evolution? Is it our eternal fate to live in such a mess, wars and outbursts of desires?

Answer: There is no mess and no coincidence. We are in a very accurate, rigid, and deterministic system. Everything is arranged in a clear and accurate manner without any defects or flaws.

There are no concepts such as “as if,” “suddenly,” or “approximately,” etc. The more we learn about nature according to different sciences, the more clearly the very accurate unchangeable laws are revealed to us. We divide and classify our knowledge in different fields, but, in fact, there are no different sciences like chemistry, physics, etc, in the world around us.

It is only the unknown areas that have not been explored and studied as yet by which we can attempt to clarify things, but it is merely our perception that stems from ignorance. We simply cannot perceive the whole general picture.

Still, if we delve deeper into this issue, we see that nothing in creation happens for no reason, suddenly, as if, or approximately. It is on our part that we see things that way as “one judges according to his own flaws.” If our mind could grasp and penetrate the depths of nature, we could see a magnificent system in which everything exists in perfection. We could actually see what Godliness is and that everything is related to everything on all levels from the top down. The natures of the still, vegetative, animate, and human beings are one in their spiritual and corporeal revelation, and by one movement of my arm, I can move and operate all the worlds. This is how it is all built. There is no event that can remain unfelt and not affect the whole system.

Question: Why can’t humanity reach this level of evolution and see this picture?

Answer: We cannot do that in our egoistic mind and our egoistic feelings. We can only perceive the whole picture if we acquire the attribute of bestowal, the second and altruistic force.

Therefore, we study only on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate and only on an elementary level, which is not bestowal and reception.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/7/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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