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laitman_238_01Question: All of our efforts throughout the day, other than the morning lesson, are mixed because they are arranged in circles for both men and women. I have a feeling that in general the women are not felt in these circles, they become “as delicate as a dandelion”….

Answer: You don’t feel the female ego? But why should it be discovered? There is no such Mitzvah to be a big egoist. On the contrary, if what you have is already corrected, it means that you are a spiritual person. But if you don’t know what must be corrected in you, it means that you aren’t working on yourself, so the ego hasn’t been discovered in you.

Comment: An impression like this is created that among the women there is a lack of inner unity. Each one is for herself.

Answer: And who is hindering you? You are complaining that the ego hasn’t been discovered in you. But the Upper Light is what must reveal it, the same Light that influences you and from which you will feel yourself as a big egoist. This means that the ego is discovered when you invest effort.

So you must try to serve others more and more, work on unity, on helping. When you finish working on this level, they will show you that essentially you are a big egoist and have been doing all of this for your own sake.

In no way do we create negative actions or awaken negative thoughts or desires in ourselves. We advance forward and upward only, never backward and downward. We never do that. And after a person finishes work on the present level, the next level of ego always appears.

But if you don’t even feel the ego within you, then you remain on the previous level. This means that you are expending very little effort to make our group a single complete unit in your eyes.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 3

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