Unity Instead Of Generosity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You spoke about money as an obsolete unit of currency, and that society is heading towards the creation of a new currency that will be based on the strength of mutual cooperation between people. One of the greatest concerns related to money is the fear that there won’t be any. How can this new currency help a person to overcome fears of this kind?

Answer: Fear doesn’t depend on the number of banknotes I possess. This is an internal, psychological phenomenon. A person always checks himself in relation to the environment, so he honestly believes that with a large amount of money covering him, he will feel more secure and less afraid.

For a large part of the world’s population it would be helpful if they could be released from this fear, with what is called a basket of goods necessary for living. And people would pay for all of the products that go into this basket, as is done now with health insurance and pensions. It could be that it will be possible to solve part of this question at the expense of those whose income is above average. But this action must be accompanied by an explanation to and education of the population.

Comment: Until now a person truly thought of money as a motivating force. Whereas now we are speaking about a new resource, which we apparently ignored and didn’t taken into account.

Answer: We always celebrate important events while we gather around a table. Here a person apparently generally gets respect. This is not just the generosity of the rich strata to the poor, rather it is an act of connection, with the participation of everyone. In this way we raise people to another level of understanding: How do we attain a life where money belongs to everyone and doesn’t belong to anyone individually?

On the other hand, this activity must itself be carried out cooperatively. I would absolutely put the reception of a basket of necessities as a condition for participation in integral education, lectures, and workshops.

All of our fears are derived from comparing ourselves with others. But if I am in the same situation as everyone else, then even in the worst of times, I can feel good about myself. In addition to this and through connection, we are ready to discover additional sources of power that are derived from the connection itself, the combining of opposites, and those that may be at a distance. We can find new wealth that we didn’t know existed.

By representing this educational program to the people, as a result, we receive positive energy and the ability to influence even the most indifferent strata of the population. As a result, they will also be compelled to change. Therefore, successful steps to popularize the idea about a consumer basket of necessities will serve as a key for general change within the entire nation.
From the program “A New Life” 9/03/14

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