The Secondary Growth Of Terror, Part 3

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today ISIS is attracting a great number of young people from different nations, including those who are not Muslims, but who have suddenly transformed their entire lives. What compels a young modern European to join such a strange organization having such absolutely different characteristics?

Could it be that its “power of attraction” is linked to the emptiness that encompasses the West? As far as it seems, ISIS is ready to provide a feeling of warmth, unity, brotherhood, family, purpose, and satisfaction.

By what means can we attract a young person to us? How could world unity in his eyes tip the balance towards our side instead of the ideas of these Eastern extremists?

Answer: It is necessary to recruit him to another army, an army in which he will fight for equality, a better life for all, and unity that includes a mutual basis for goodness. It is necessary to create special forces, which will be an organization that will overcome ISIS on an ideological front.

This is because we, in fact, are offering world revolution to a person, which is the transformation of the world into a garden of Eden where everyone is equal, happy, and provided with necessities and security for today and tomorrow. Everyone can be in a good mood and think of how to make things good and pleasant for others. There will be a line of balance among us where no one needs to be concerned about what will happen to himself at the present and in the future. Here, our health, children, and all aspects of our lives are okay.

Question: But for the young, sometimes something is required beyond the pastoral, a possibility of going wild, using force, pouring out their energy.

Answer: Well good, a person must fight, but instead of fighting enemies, he fights the ego itself that is not interested and doesn’t want any of this.

Basically I don’t want to unite and connect with others; I don’t feel a particular drive towards this. Yes, I am ready to receive the benefits that we outlined above, but to give something in return, no. So I must struggle with myself for this unity.

Question: Why does ISIS have such a power of attraction?

Answer: This is the power of security. Standing under a black flag, a person is sure that he has support and purpose. So he goes to conquer the world with his head raised proudly.

Question: How is it possible to create a similar positive pride about unity?

Answer: This is through an educational process that we must implement. It is possible to do this.

There is knowledge and there is education, and these two methods must be used here in parallel.

If terrorists are organizing tens of thousands for their own purposes, then we, with the help of various countries and international institutions, are able to reach billions, to hold `relevant conventions and get down to business everywhere in Europe, Africa, America, etc. After all, if we are open and our intentions are clear, we can mobilize enormous resources and support around the world for implementation.

In principle, we are saying to everyone: “There will be no more wars; there will be no more borders. This is one family, except for the terrorists, all of them. They are the only ones we have to rein in at this stage, until they disappear.”

Question: Is there some kind of significance to the fact that one force, one enemy, is threatening all of us, requiring us to unite against it? Will this be used to change global thinking?

Answer: I don’t think that the purpose of our unification must be a war with this force. Uniting against evil means learning some of its characteristics. Certainly the army must stand against the terrorists, but we don’t have any real possibility of stopping them once and for all through this.

So at the same time we, the citizens, must take care of ourselves and must unite with each other.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/7/14

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