Short Stories: The Last Exile

laitman_750_03After the Jewish people entered the land of Israel, which means that they attained a state of connection in which they began to work internally on themselves establishing love, goodness, and complete incorporation in one another. Then new leaders emerged, King David and the prophets in every generation.

These were great Kabbalists who continued Abraham’s path by working on the unity of the nation, helping it to unite, engaging in the education of the growing generation.

At the same time their ego kept on growing, increasing the repulsion people felt toward one another, an unstoppable process.

This was an essential phase both historically and dialectically, since the Israeli nation needed to set an example for the whole world as to how people should live correctly.

Therefore, after they reached the land of Israel, they grew apart in order to enter a state of exile, to live among the nations of the world for a while and to plant the seeds of the spiritual state in them in the form of religions, science, culture, etc.; and when this phase came to an end, to start raising these nations.

The descent from the level of the land of Israel to the state in which the people descended to unfounded hatred during the time of Rabbi Akiva lasted 800 years.

Rabbi Akiva was a great spiritual leader who called everyone to strengthen the love and the connection between them and asked: “Why don’t we keep the rule of “love thy friend as thyself?! After all, it is the general law of the Torah!” But no one listened to him.

People were so immersed in unfounded hatred that they were exiled from the land of Israel. They lost the connection between them because the attribute that kept them together was gone, and when they broke apart, they dispersed all over the globe.

The whole Israeli nation fell to a state of the “nations of the world,” totally forgetting that they had once attained and felt the spiritual world. This is the state we are in to this very day.

But we have fulfilled part of the plan of creation that way: We have conveyed religions, culture, philosophy, science, etc. to the nations of the world. Philosophers in the Middle Ages said that it all stemmed from the wisdom of Kabbalah, from our true Torah.

Rabbi Akiva had a great student called Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashbi) who received the spiritual method from his teacher and expressed it in The Book of Zohar. This is a very special book. For two thousand years it was passed from one generation to the next.

In the 16th century another great Kabbalist appeared, the ARI. He formulated the Kabbalisitic method in a convenient manner that we could understand.

At the beginning of the 20th century another outstanding Kabbbalist, Baal HaSulam (Rav Yehuda Ashlag) conveyed The Book of Zohar and the ARI’s wisdom to the contemporary generation in a language that we can understand. He established the practical scientific Kabbalah by which it is possible to understand the world we live in and what we should do in order to bring all of creation to the complete end of correction, which means to fulfill its mission.

We are living in a time when we have to implement the Kabbalistic method. Currently we are going through the same historical shattering in which the terrible egoistic state of the world is revealed to us, in which humanity doesn’t know where to turn to and what to do. It can lead to revolutions, wars, self-destruction, and practically to anything, but we have the method that can save the world.

It is a method of unity and connection, of creating mutual love, bringing the world to harmony, and to the revelation of the upper force, to the inner ascent of humanity from the level of our world to the level of a whole eternal existence. We can attain this here and now.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/22/14

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