New Life 446 – The Ebola Virus, Part 2

New Life 446 – The Ebola Virus, Part 2
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The Ebola virus is spreading and is becoming a matter of global mortal danger. How does the wisdom of Kabbalah refer to the phenomenon as the reflection of the social imbalance between people in general and in Israel in particular?

We fear the Ebola virus now, but there are greater problems that nature can bring upon us.

  • We are in one system and the imbalance we cause in this system summons different blows upon us.
  • Kabbalists warned more than a hundred years ago that the world will become one family and that we need to be balanced.
  • One family requires one leadership, one global health ministry that will take care of all the people.
  • The problem is that every government thinks only about its seat. No one sees things globally.
  • The Ebola virus and other troubles are breaking out in Africa because people belittle it. They don’t regard it as part of the global family.
    If we treated the world as one family, there would be no world wars or other troubles. It makes no difference that there are parts in the world that are more developed and parts that are less. It is like different children in one family.
  • The human level is the highest level in the system of nature, and in this system Israel is on the highest level.
  • The balance in Israel will reflect imbalance on the whole world and all of nature. Therefore, we will soon be blamed for the spread of the Ebola.
  • All of nature is one system; like one bowl of soup. We all stem from the Big Bang and are connected to each other.

If we wish to heal the world we should think that we live in one system, connected and dependent on each other and that everything needs to be balanced.
From KabTV’s “New Life 446 –  The Ebola Virus, Part 2,” 10/19/14

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