The Benefit Of The Rejections

laitman_236_02Baal HaSulam, Shamati #1 “There Is None Else Besides Him” …There are things in the world, which, to begin with, aim to divert a person from the right way, and by which he is rejected from Sanctity.

And the benefit from the rejections is that through them a person receives a need and a complete desire for the Creator to help him, since he sees that otherwise he is lost.

Therefore a person needs the right society, a society that corrects and adjusts him, reminding him what the goal is and putting him back on the right track. Thanks to the society, he does not divert from the path because of the different obstacles but initially regards them with the right intention.

The moment a person establishes the right intention in order to reveal the good upper providence, that “There is none else besides Him,” he totally changes his attitude toward life. He understands that everything around him is a theater that is meant only to reveal that, and so he sees God’s hand in everything.

If he focuses himself correctly, he advances and grows stronger, and sees how the Creator gives him an opportunity to get closer to correction at any given moment.

And he, who always feels that the shattered is greater than the whole, meaning that there are many more descents than ascents, and he does not see an end to these states, and he will forever remain outside of holiness, for he sees that it is difficult for him to observe even as little as a jot, unless by overcoming above reason.

Faith above reason” means that I see many reasons that keep on growing both in quantity and in quality, and it disturbs me and doesn’t allow me to concentrate. It tears me to pieces that I cannot say that they stem from the “good that does good,” and that “there is none else besides Him.”

I must oppose the sources of evil, but, at the same time, remember that it is only an external expression of the Creator’s attitude toward me. In my corporeal life, I must relate to these hardships as is customary in our world. It is said that the world keeps on turning, but in the internal, spiritual dimension, I must treat it on a different level, on the human level, Adam (man), one resembling the Creator (Domeh). I must use all the states for connection and for getting closer to the Creator.

Here, too, a person feels split and finds it hard to be on two dimensions simultaneously since one annuls the other. However, this is all our work.

In this world, we engage in matter according to certain laws. We work, take care of our family, our children, our job, and on making a living just like everyone else. However, at the same time, we also engage in high spiritual matters.

Although we suffer because of the different problems in this world, when we ascend to the second level, to the spiritual dimension, we are constantly in adhesion with the upper force, with the good that does good. Our efforts on these two levels gradually bring us to revelation.

It is because the gap between corporeality and spirituality, which we keep without getting confused and without blurring, brings us to demand the revelation of the Creator. The corporeal and the spiritual states in which I operate correctly by separating them become increasingly more extreme, scary, unpleasant, and painful. They actually tear me to pieces, and I cannot justify the Creator. I must do something since otherwise the Creator, “There is none else besides Him” and the good and benevolent, disappears from me. So, I struggle in order to reveal Him. It isn’t because I feel bad in my corporeal life, rather, because I understand that the unpleasantness that is given to me is so I will decide that there is none else besides Him and that He is good and benevolent.

However, I cannot do that, so I cry out, ask for help and weep, but not for myself, not in order to ease my corporeal life with the support of “There is none else besides Him” and the good that does good.

Thanks to the right work on the two dimensions, I come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter whether I feel good or not. What’s important is that I don’t want to lose the Creator, the good and the benevolent, since otherwise I convict His providence. For the first time, a person begins to build his vessels correctly, and in order to do that, he needs the revelation of the Creator. He doesn’t want to ease his work that way, but he asks for power that he doesn’t have naturally, the Creator’s attribute. He doesn’t ask for it for his own benefit, but so that he wouldn’t curse the upper providence, the Creator’s uniqueness.

A person’s work, called God’s work, is to discover that “there is none else besides Him” and that “He is good that does good.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/14, Shamati #1

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