The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 67

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

Chapter 5. Tied by One Net

All that exists is connected with each other so that one follows the other, and furthermore, one comes and is born from another. Everything is tied in one knot and is a total being, which can attain perfection only if it has absolutely all the details.

Unity Is the Goal of Nature

All the leaders turn to their people with ideas of unity. These ideas are always welcomed by everyone. The problem is that the unification that they offer is often aimed at defeating someone or overcoming something. What’s wrong with that?

The fact is that by defeating someone or overcoming something, we come to disunity and/or disintegration on the other levels. The examples are not hard to find. Any war, even the most liberating, causes casualties. That’s how it has been, it is also happening today. We are not able to forecast the consequences of our unification.

We are united by nature according to its own program. This process began after the Big Bang, and continues to this day. The tendency to unite permeates the whole of humanity. This is known to many people; there is much talk about it, especially today, but we do not make conclusions and do not want to make them.

“With all the options we have the inexorable trend of human evolution from the era of societies to the era of super-societies.” (Alexander Zinoviev, Towards Supersociety)

We continue to live by our own interests, which are not necessarily the same, if I may say so, as the interests of nature. Where does this confidence come from? Everything is quite simple. We never even try to take into account these “natural interests.” In fact, what interests can nature have? It is not only silly to talk, but even to think about.

We must unite because this is the directive of Nature, and Nature itself must help us with this. in the second part of the book, we discuss in great detail the method of unity, which is based on the laws of nature. Now, let’s put the question bluntly – why do we need to unite? Where can we see the benefits of such unity in life?

We can learn something about the benefits of unity from a story that took place in 1968.

Then, the American nuclear submarine Scorpion disappeared under strange circumstances. The last radio contact with the Scorpion was on the 21st of May when the submarine was located 400 miles northwest of the Azores, five days before her scheduled return to the Naval Station at Norfolk. There were 99 crew members onboard.

A search took place in the zone with a radius of twenty miles and to a depth of more than a thousand meters.

One of the naval officers, John Craven, proposed applying an unusual way to calculate the coordinates of the submarine. He gathered a group, consisting of mathematicians, divers, rescue workers and other professionals.

The group was given all the known information about the submarine. The information was quite sparse and nobody knew the main thing: what happened to the boat, what its speed was and what course it took.

The essence of Craven’s technique was as follows. The group organized joint discussions, where they played out various scenarios of what had happened.

At the final stage of discussion, each participant offered his version of what happened. Craven gathered all the scenarios and assembled a collective forecast of the coordinates of the submarine, which, incidentally, did not coincide with any scenario.

Five months passed. The sunken submarine was discovered at a depth of 3,000 meters. The location of the boat turned out to be only 183.4 meters away from the point that Craven’s group indicated.

Conclusion: individually, each member knew nothing, at the same time, the group knew everything. Group, collective consciousness is higher than the consciousness of a single individual.

“The disconcerting enigmas which in nature we call caprice, and in human life chance, are splinters of a law revealed to us in glimpses.” (Victor Hugo, The Man Who Laughs)

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