Automatic Or Conscious Effort?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We understand that the process of our advancement becomes more and more efficient, but together with this it becomes more and more difficult, in a good way. How is it possible to add happiness and thanks to this so that they won’t just be words? Where do we get the excitement and elation even though events might not be that pleasant?

Answer: Happiness is derived from an understanding that all of this is from the Creator and that everything is for our advancement so that, together with the group, we bring ourselves into one shared body called the soul. In any case, humanity is advancing forward, but not consciously; whereas we are advancing consciously. The entire difference is in this and this is indeed a tremendous difference.

Imagine a body that is working automatically because at every moment it is moved through new conditions, and the mind, which doesn’t work automatically, consciously reacts, scrutinizes, and decides how to act.

Look at the people around you and how they are fighting for their survival. This is how they unconsciously carry out the program of creation. The pace of their work is slow with a low threshold, and it takes a lot of time until something happens with them. But in our times, this frequency is increasing.

We were given a completely different system, a system of conscious participation in our changes. The main thing is to be included in it and to overcome all kinds of problems. For us it is much more difficult to overcome them than for a regular person because these problems seem pointless to us, since there is no need for them, and they are only disturbances. We see that it would be better to be involved in something else.

In general, a person knows that this is the way life is and he cannot do anything about it. For us this is not life, just as everything that is found in this world is not life. But on the other hand, an opportunity has been given to us to look at this from a higher level; we understand that we were given our world so that we will be able to activate our intention. We carry out these actions to overcome disturbances, but with the intention that through this, we are entering into a higher state, into a higher system.

For many years Kabbalists worked hard to earn their daily bread. Baal HaSulam worked in construction. Even today, in Bnei Brak, a building is preserved that he helped build. Rabash worked in road construction, then as a shoemaker. He changed professions many times before he began working as a clerk in some institution towards the end of his life.

The life of the Kabbalists was very difficult, but they didn’t flee from this. The main thing is that together with this they could consciously continue to work for the sake of the Creator, advancing towards Him, incidentally, thanks to these terrible situations.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/14, Shamati #5

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