Rise To The Very Beginning

Laitman_712_03Question: Is it possible to say that the four plant species (Arba Minim) that characterize the Sukkot holiday symbolize the characteristics of the Creator?

Answer: The Creator has no characteristics. It is I with my desire who identifies Him with seven characteristics. Since I am a “point of desire,” I feel the Creator with feeling and intellect, with desires and thoughts. By means of thoughts I scrutinize the desires, that is how mind and feelings work in partnership so that with them I will search for the Creator.

What measurements do I use?

With my normal senses, without thinking, I distinguish the “outlines”: This is blue, that is red, that is a high note, that is a sour taste, and that is a burnt odor. Even in spirituality everything is measured in relation to myself. I can say that I perceive the characteristics of the Creator because I attribute them to Him, but essentially this is just my perception.

Question: When a person goes out to find the Creator, what exactly is he looking for? What is this “Creator”?

Answer: This is what sustains my life, my existence, what determines everything that happens and will happen with me. All this is attributed to some first cause that precedes me, that is prior to my previous nonexistence and my present existence.

I am in a world without knowing what a world is. The Creator molds a feeling like this in me. It seems to me that there is a world, but I am not sure about it. I only know that I feel that within me. If I had other characteristics, as it seems, I would feel it differently.

But in fact, what and how I feel is not important to me. Rather, what is important is that there is a prior first cause that shapes me, that provides this feeling for me. It is concerned about me, and in fact, at every moment it supplies within me everything through which I feel and what it is that I feel. This first beginning is the “Creator.” For from His side, He created me.

And whereas, from my side, He is the “Creator” (Bore) because He is conceived by me according to the principle “Come and see” (Bo-Re). He created me and located me in a point in time within a particular reality. And from this I can explore, scrutinize, feel, and understand Him. He seemingly manages and plays with me, giving me the possibility of knowing Him.

Question: This is like a game of “hide and seek”?

Answer: Not completely. Yes, He is concealed, but this is so that I will understand Him. By my conducting searches for the Creator, I examine what is Him and what is not. Among these possibilities I find intermediate, “limited” forms, and that is how I begin to discern, to understand Him, to shape in my mind and heart a model (template) called the “Creator.”

Here it is important to remember that I don’t perceive the Creator Himself, this is impossible. Within me, within my desires and thoughts, I construct some kind of image, some kind of likeness, that is found within me but corresponds to Him. This is what is called, “Come and see.”

Ultimately, I am working against my desire to receive. And by molding the image of the Creator, I can provide the conditions through which, with my desire, I will yearn to resemble Him and not yearn for pleasures.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/5/14

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